Happy Mothers’ Day

Once a year we set aside a day to honor or at least cook for our wives and mothers. On the road we have a way of losing track of our holidays. We remembered our birthdays because we discussed which country we where we were going to be in for each one before we left.…

Dracula Didn’t Sleep Here

On this trip we would be in the homeland of the ‘real’ Dracula (the one who inspired Bram Stoker to write his book), a medieval prince named Vlad from Translyvania who impaled thousands of his enemies at a time, and rumor has it, drank their blood (hence his name, Vlad the Impaler)…. You could see the castle through the trees, but only partially.We bought some drinks and hiked a short ways up to the entrance of the castle…. We read the information sign which told you that this castle was built as a buffer against the Ottomans, and it had changed hands many times during history and was currently owned by the people of Romania…. We made our way through the rest of the rather dry and boring castle and were on our way out when we were called over by the guard woman.