All the small things

All of you reading this probably know that we were on Oprah recently. The episode we were on aired about a month ago in the US. But do you know how many countries Oprah is shown in? Take a guess…126, yes 1 2 6. That doesn’t mean it shows on the same day everywhere in the world. Our episode actually aired in Romania while we were there. We were watching the TV in our hotel room in Brasov, Romania when it was on! But not the right channel unfortunately : ( . We were watching snooker on Eurosport instead. That night we got an email from a Romanian woman named Corina who had just seen us and lived near the town we were in! When mom saw the message she looked up how many countries Oprah showed in and we were in awe at the number. People literally all over the world had seen us.

The fruit Cake from CorinaAsher eating cake

Later in another hotel in Brasov, Romania, Corina came and brought us a fruit cake while we were out. It had a vanilla inside with vanilla frosting and lots of different fruits on the top, like kiwis and strawberries. (Thanks Corina! The cake was delicious!). We were going to try and meet up with Corina but we got an email from the House of Angels charity saying that they would be glad to have us volunteer, so we had to hurry and get tickets back to Bucharest for the next day. So unfortunately we could not meet up with Corina : (, but we did get to see all the children at the daycare. When we were at the train station in Brasov, Mom decided to get the tickets for Bucharest to Budapest. There was a couple in front of her, and when they saw mom waiting, she looked kind of antsy because our train to Bucharest was going to leave soon. The couple let mom go ahead of them, but there was a problem. The lady at the counter didn’t speak much English, and Mom spoke no Romanian. It turned out that they spoke Romanian and English, and they were glad to help translate. While the lady at the counter got all the tickets set up and printed out, Mom spoke with the Romanians and found out that they had seen her on TV and were glad to help out a traveler in need.

The kindness of people around the world is amazing, whether it’s delivering a cake or simply letting someone behind you go in front of you. There are some cities like New York or Paris where a lot of people are too busy to help or are just plain mean. Even in these places, if you look lost or confused long enough, you will always find one kind person to help you out. That’s a great thing to learn when you’re traveling and something to remember when you’re home.

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2 thoughts on “All the small things

  1. I agree with you Tom! It’s super cool to know when someone else helps you out from their heart. That kindness connects people!

  2. Hey Mackie,

    Great post…we sure enjoy reading your perspective. That picture of the fruit cke took me back to my mission – mmmmm good!

    Love ya,
    Aunt Kat

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