Exit the Old Folks

We had many fun experiences including visiting a cemetery and having competitions to find the oldest grave, playing the alphabet game in the car, watching in amusement as Grandpa stopped the car abruptly and jumped out hopping up and down grabbing his legs because of a cramp, and visiting the interactive Mark Twain museum in Hannibal, Missouri (which isn’t so interactive unless you count sitting on a fake river raft and watching a 60’s Huckleberry Finn movie interactive). We were all excited to temporarily become ‘Eight in the World’ and waited at the airport in Izmir with great anticipation.When they finally arrived, we immediately had some new memories added to our repertoire…. For Asher there were some much needed new clothes, for Kieran new shoes (his Indian ones were falling apart and he lost his American ones in New Zealand seven months ago)…. The first few days of our experience with Grandma and Grandpa went something like that with the exception of seeing some of the world’s biggest and best preserved classical ruins at Ephesus.But soon it was time for us to leave the comfort of our hotel in Selcuk and head out to see some of the other things Turkey has to offer.