Shopping With G-Ma

There are many places all throughout Sultanahmet, Istanbul, including the Grand Bazaar, the Arasta Bazaar (right by the Blue Mosque), and many stores on the street…. My Grandma and I encountered this in the Arasta Bazaar, there were some items that she liked so she had me bargain for them (she doesn’t really like to bargain, it’s also hard because she dosen’t know the exchange rates), I got them down from half the original price but I still didn’t feel like it was a good price…. He found I nice wooden box to rest his leg on. After he was done resting the shopkeeper came out and said ” What is this” putting his foot on the box, ” this shop is my pleasure, what if I put my foot on your head?… My grandpa being 6″6, the thought of the small man getting his foot up there was real funny.A few minutes after this happened the shopkeeper across the path explained to us that the man was going through a divorce and that he’s not getting many sales, and not to worry about our grandpa.