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As some of you know, in my real life, I am an Internet executive providing internet services to millions of people. When those services go down, it is like a 5 alarm fire. We do everything we can to get them up quickly and keep them flowing. In my travel life we run a nice family blog, which is more than able to handle the traffic from our friends, family and fellow travel lovers. When I built the site, I broke most of the rules you need for a high traffic site. I opted for pretty over fast. I chose a platform which was easy to update and maintain instead of efficient, and I opted to do the entire thing myself instead of asking for help from my engineer friends. Yesterday those choices came home to roost and our readers paid the price. If this was a business, I would spend lots of money and buy all kinds of server capacity. It is not, so I am spending a little bit of money and doing all the things I can in my capacity to lighten the load and let more people on. You may experience a few more days of congestion, so please be patient and keep trying. We’ll be back and hopefully worth the effort.

UPDATE: All seems to be well once again. If you want to see the show a friend has posted a link at Andrus Family on Oprah

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32 thoughts on “Oprah Overload

  1. Hello Andrus Family,
    You all looked great on Oprah and sounded even better. You made your ward family proud.
    John and Amber Woodward

  2. Hello,
    I saw you on Oprah yesterday, and was truly amazed by your story. Your website, photos, blog, and the experiences you have shared are fabulous and inspiring. What a unique lifetime gift for your family to cherish… Good luck on the rest of your journey!
    – Tarah F :)

  3. It was so much fun to learn about your wonderful adventure. Your pictures are great. Hope to see you sometime.
    Love, Dorothy

  4. Had about ten people in my office watching yesterday. We all got a big kick out of Asher. She’s clearly not impressed that the family was on Oprah. :-)

    Good stuff Tom!


  5. Your website was worth the wait! You have a beautiful and interesting family and thru your website show the world just how similar we all are. Truly a lesson worth learning.

  6. Hi! I just wanted to let you know I saw you on Oprah yesterday, which is amazing since I never watch Oprah, but happened to be flipping through. It made me happy to see you guys traveling around the world- and volunteering at different places. Your children will never forget that. I enjoy the pictures and plan on visiting your site often to see where you are now.

  7. Great journey! I am a 28 year old mother of 2, soon to be 3, trying to dream, plan and sacrifice for the legacy that I’d like to live with and leave for my family. I saw you all on Oprah and it was so inspirational. The trials that motivated you all’s journey are things many people have experienced. And even though most of us can’t afford to travel around the world, your story still exemplifies that when it comes to enjoying family and raising children, there are no boundaries !! I am going to work harder to add travel and adventure to the way that my family bonds, learns and experiences spiritual growth. Health and peace to you all. P.S. You have beautiful children.

  8. My fiance and I love travelling and the willingness to go and live in countries other than our home countries is part of why we found each other. We watched the segment on Oprah together and know that this is something we’d definitely want to do with our own family someday. All the best to the whole family!!

  9. Tom & Family,

    I was at home from work with sick kids and had Oprah on for company while I washed dishes. Imagine my surprise when my old neighbor and classmate, whom I haven’t seen in over 20 years appears on my TV. WOW! What an amazing trip and experience. I am so pleased for all of you and a bit envious. It’s such an important thing to teach our children about their Global neighbors and give them opportunities for service. Wishing you safe travels and many more wonderful adventures.

  10. Saw you on Oprah & was so impressed by your trip/plans that I found your blog on the Internet to read.
    I hope that your kids especially will one day look back on this & think what a great gift it was… for them, for you & for the world.

  11. Just caught the Oprah episode. What a great and handsome family. I’m still getting a kick out of Dax’s imitation of the “lion” or whatever was outside those tents. Thanks Dax for the laugh. Safe journey and God bless all of you and all you meet along the way! I have attached your website to my favorites and will check in often.

  12. This is exciting and has inspired me to think about our family doing something like this, and serving as we are doing so. Thank you for the inspiration.

  13. Hey Andrus Family! I saw you on Oprah and cannot tell you how excited I was… I have a super international family and have traveled quite a bit in my 18 years. It’s so great that you kids get to see the world. I think sometimes American kids are very sheltered and uncultured… (but don’t get me wrong- I have loved growing up in the southern States)! Anyways, have an amazing rest of your year. Enjoy Peru- the tropics there are my favorite place in the whole world!

  14. Hi Andrus Family,
    As the others have said, I was just watching Oprah and saw the great story about your family. What an awesome experience you all are having! We are also a family of 6 with 3 boys and a girl. We live in Utah County and I see that you travelled to Utah. Sounds like you might have family in Utah. We have always thought to do something like you are doing with travelling the world and doing service projects with our children. Thanks for telling in the “details” section how you accomplished it. It gives us hope that we might be able to do something similar.

  15. Tom,

    So great to see you, Anne and the kids on Oprah!What an amazing adventure…one of the best decisions you guys have made.

    Looking forward to seeing you back in the States.

  16. What an awesome trip! My husband is English and I am American. We met in Paris while travelling, spent one day together and have been married for over 5 years! We have always planned on taking our 2 boys on a trip like this once they are a bit older! We want them to be bitten by the travel bug like we have been! It is nice to see how it can be done! They are 4 and 2 months old right now and we are thinking once they are 5 and 9 or 6 and 10 so we have time to save up! Your site is in my favorites and I look forward to the rest of your trip!

    Your kids have fantastic names! :)
    Good luck!

  17. Hello,
    As everyone else I watched you on Oprah show. I am a Turkish-Canadian and I wish you a nice, pleasant vacation in Turkey, and a safe trip back home. Your family have inspired me, too!

  18. I’ve been following you guys for a few months now– and i can’t believe i MISSED you on Oprah!! I try and watch her everyday but couldn’t this week. Enjoy your journey and I’ll keep reading!

  19. hey guys,

    wow, you must be having an amazing time right now! I know I would LOVE to travel the world,
    and ever since my mom and I watched you on Oprah she hasn’t stopped talking about it hahah.
    So, way to inspire! Now I’ve got to try and convince her to actually do it! =]
    Well can’t wait to see more pictures of your trip,


    PS (Dax if you have MSN… crazy_teen16@hotmail.com)

  20. Tom…

    Just wanted to say “hi”. It’s been a long time. I had a chance to see you guys on Oprah and all I can say is WOW!! What an amazing thing you guys are doing. You have a great looking family. I hope you guys have a fantastic time on the remainder of your trip.

    Matt Odle

  21. I too saw you guys on oprah on the 2nd. I don’t think the little clip did what you are doing any justice. She didn’t really ask you any interesting questions to let all of her viewers really know what you are doing and didn’t mention the website either. But I still thought it was cool…

  22. im so upset i was unable to see you on oprah… they dont get that channel from the bahamas haha. im looking all over the internet trying to see it but im so glad to see yall are doing well and i miss you all!!!

  23. Thanks for all the comments, our 10 minutes of fame have been a lot of fun. I just posted a link to the show in the body of the post.

  24. Hello Andrus family,

    I’m just catching up on my Tivo’d Oprah shows and saw your segment. In 1974, I travelled through Europe and Africa for 5 months with my sister so I’ve had a taste of what you are experiencing. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and we will be following your journey on your website.

  25. Congrats on finding a way to travel for such a long period of time. I read your posts on Viet Nam and I couldn’t agree more, especially with your political post. My kids and I have been volunteering and, now, working in Viet Nam since the end of December. I have learned so much about myself, my children and the world around us. I am hoping that I can make enough money while I am teaching here that I can take my kids on some further adventures in SE Asia.

    Again congrats and thanks for inspiring others. Travelling is an education that can be attained no other way.


  26. Hi Guys,

    Finally somebody has relised the true meaning of life,family first and serving others.
    Congratulations on your adventures and for the
    inspirational and well adjusted family you have.
    I too love to travel and just got back from 2 weeks in New Zealand with my family, and plan many more adventures to come.

    God Bless

    p.s remember

  27. Your 10 minutes of fame are probably over. The link doesn’t work anymore and I cannot find a clip on the web. Stay strong through the current challenges, we wish you all the best and hope Anne gets well soon. The only thing that I could find about this show is the slideshow on oprah.com, a summary of your episode. Hope it helps: http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Captivating-Families/11

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