Jumping Off Bridges Redux

First of all it would have to be at the end of our African excursion, secondly it was a good eight (we originally thought four but were told the roads were bad only the day before we left) hours away from Cape Town where we would be staying, and lastly, we were running short on time due to Uncle Vito’s untimely break down in Namibia…. My dad being the only other adrenaline junky in the family wanted to jump, but due to his artificial hip he would have to sit this one out…. Here we were offered two options on how to get to the bungy, a flying fox which would cost one hundred rand, or a walk on the catwalk which was free…. When I got back to the jump point everyone asked how it was, I was still in shock so I just stared eyes wide and nodded.

Oprah Overload

As some of you know, in my real life, I am an Internet executive providing internet services to millions of people. When those services go down, it is like a 5 alarm fire. We do everything we can to get them up quickly and keep them flowing. In my travel life we run a nice…