We’re Going to Be on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday, April 2!

We’ve been keeping a big secret for the past week or so, but it’s finally time to spill the beans. Earlier today we filmed a segment for The Oprah Winfrey Show at the base of Table Mountain in Capetown. Oprah’s people first contacted us in January but didn’t find a show that was the perfect match for us until now. They arranged for Oprah to interview us via satellite from Capetown’s most spectacular natural setting on March 28th. We had a driver, a producer, a make-up artist, and a film crew, and in general felt like celebrities for a day…all for a 10-minute segment! The tentative plan is for the show to air on April 2, a quick five day turnaround from taping to airing. We won’t be able to see the show until Tom’s parents bring a copy to Turkey with them in mid-April, so be sure to record/watch and tell us how we did. (No comments on weight loss or gain, please!) Feel free to tell anyone and everyone you know.

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40 thoughts on “We’re Going to Be on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday, April 2!

  1. Hi there, I am a random follower of your journey. I too, am a big traveler and I just think it is amazing what you and your family are doing. I just wanted to say how excited I am for you guys to be on the Oprah show. I read your blogs religiously to map out where I also want to go in the world.

    When you said you were going to be on Oprah I chuckled to myself wondering if you were going to stay in a nice hotel the night before to take hot showers versus some of the more “questionable” dwellings you have had on your journey :)

  2. How awesome! You’re in the TIVO queue so we’ll be sure to see it. Glad to hear all is well.

    Tom, the wild animal pictures are fantastic….so jealous. Be safe.

    The Stinsons

  3. WOOOOOHHOOOO! This is too funny!!

    Bet you NEVER thought that was going to happen when you planning this trip??

    You are an inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  4. Wow, great news!! We will not be able to see it due to our own family RTW trip, but we are sooo excited to hear about it and know it will be great.I will tell my mom to watch it!

    We love the blog and all your pictures and stories. It gives us lots of ideas for when we get to that part of the world. Nice to know another family is enjoying this free lifestyle.We are amazed at your pace and fearlessness with little ones.

    We will just miss you in Turkey and we are going into Africa outselves ( Morocco this time,more later) on April 9th for the first time.Maybe we can meet in Greece or Eastern Europe or Russia this summer?

    Thanks for inspiring others to know that anyone can do this. We are living much cheaper on the road seeing the world, than at home.Carpe diem!!

    Jeanne et al

  5. Hey you guys! This is exciting news! I can’t believe Oprah got in contact with YOU! I hope you all are having a blast- BYU is pretty fun!

  6. Tom and Anne,
    I’m so excited for you. Definitely will put the Tivo on record for you. Yet another reason to be oh so jealous of your year abroad.

    Marian Merritt

  7. We are looking forward to “seeing” you and of course will DVR the show. Only way we’ll get to watch it as we are rarely at home when Oprah is on.

    I need to update my grandkid photos, but if you wish to see your cousins 8 grandkids they are on my website ~ so you don’t forget your lowly Indiana cousin!

    The photos have been fabulous to view, only in my wildest dreams would I ever get to be in the places you have, thanks for sharing your photos so I can enjoy all the things I know I won’t get the chance to see in person.

    Spring is coming, and with my new home I have ordered lilacs and rosebushes in memory of Grandma Lucille. Still so hard for me when I think of her ~ I miss her so much. But we know if was for the best.

    Take care… hard to believe how much the kids have grown since we last saw you in person. Dax is such a young man now!

    Love ya,

    (Rod & Josh too)

  8. Sure looking forward to the Oprah show on Monday. Can’t say I’d like to be a part of your fabulous round the world tour but reading all about it and viewing the great pics sure help make an old man’s life exciting, knowing some of his blood relatives are enjoying and surviving in all those distant lands.
    God bless you all….praying for your continued safety and good health.
    Love ya, Uncle Bob and Aunt Connie

  9. Hey strangers! Just thought you’d like to know my sister in Ohio saw a preview for your segment on Friday afternoon’s show. You know the, “on Monday’s Oprah…”. We randomly talked that day and I decided to be a good pal and spread the word and tell her to watch my friends on Oprah. She told me she happened to see a blurb about it on Oprah that day and how she wondered if those were my friends (I’ve talked about you often to her). Random! She said it was a quick blip, but that she saw Dax. Woohoo!!!

    And by the way, unlike others, this doesn’t surprise me at all! I completely expected something like this to happen to ya’ll!!! I truly believe that this is going to be the spark that starts the flame for many wonderful things, like RSO and your future books. You know how you were talking earlier on how you couldn’t wait to get back to RSO, well I think it’ll be sooner than you think and Oprah’s camera crew will be tagging along! That’s just my prediction. I have big dreams for ya’ll…hee-hee.

    I’m so proud of you! I’m glad there’s such an amazing and wicked cool LDS family out there doing some good in the world and being examples. Love sees no boundaries!

    So now having said all that and the whole Oprah thing… don’t get big heads or nothin’. Tell Dax to keep those two big feet of his firmly on the ground now that he’s famous.

    Love your guts,

  10. I don’t think we will get a chance to see this until my parents meet us in Turkey. We won’t have much access to Youtube either but that is a good idea.

    Good thing we cut Dax’s hair so we can see if his head starts to grow.

  11. It is too cool to have such famous friends…like others we have told so many people about you guys that we have lots of people setting the DVR to catch this. We say everyday what an amazing thing you are doing…now it is time to show Oprah and everyone what it is like to “live your dream!”
    Have fun and be safe…
    Love to all,
    The McBride Crew.

  12. Dude, this is too cool! But then again, so are you and the family… Congrats and keep having a great time.

  13. That is so amazing! I think of Oprah whenever I read the fairy tale, Princess Bubble, to my kids. The fairy godmother looks and acts like Oprah. May be funny to take her if you are going to take her a gift. I got my book on Amazon.
    Way to go scoring the Oprah Show!

  14. Andrus Family,
    I just caught wind of your global family voyage and I can hardly believe it . . . you have found a way to make my dream reality! I am anxious to get in contact with you upon your return and hear how you logistically made it happen.
    Just a stab in the dark – I noticed all your trips to Utah and your picture in front of the SL temple? Are you LDS?
    A fellow globetrotting mommy,

  15. Wow! First heard about your family and this exciting trip on the Oprah Show! What an inspiration… Everyone should do this! I most admire the fact that you have involved the children in helping others in the world. Wow! I also can’t say enough about how I admire your courage and what a wonderful experience this must be. I backpacked through Europe whilst in college and still talk about it today! Will be following the rest of your journey for sure! Enjoy the rest of the adventure and if you visit the Caribbean, be sure to stop by the island of, Saba (Netherlands Antilles)! Go by small plane, not the boat… Yes, that was a hint to yet more adventure! 😉

  16. Hey guys! I just watched the first part of your segment and it’s commercial break. I’m crying, I’m smiling, I have permanent goose bumps! I had to write before your site is inundated with people! We love you so much! So surreal, for lack of a better word, to see you. Seems unreal, but so unbelievable!!! gotta go, you’re back……….Dax’s animal impression, twice, got huge laughs. And The crowd clapped when Tom talked about doing volunteer work in New Orleans.

  17. I just watched you on Oprah! I am in awe of you and your kids! The experiences your children are having will make them such awesome productive and truly caring adults! I am a teacher in Louisiana (thank you for volunteering down here!)and wish that my kids I teach could experience just a day in your kids’ lives. You are awesome parents!

    I heard you are going to The Netherlands! I am a first generation American, with my family being from The Netherlands. Now I do not know exactly when Oprah show was filmed and if you are already in NL (so this may be useless info!). The southern province of Limburg is beautiful and full of great WWII history (and family if you need a our guide). If you go to Amsterdam-see Anne Franks’s home during the war it is amazing! If you go north to Frislaan take a ride in a sailboat it is wonderful! If you are there long enough for easter watch for the beautiful church processions throughout the streets of the cities. If you were in Louisiana after Katrina-go see the Delta Works NL a country that lives below sea level everyday. I could go on and on! The Dutch are so much fun, anveryone pretty much knows English! Please feel free to email me if you are still in NL.

    You make me want to go around the world!

  18. Hi. You don’t know me. I am just an Oprah viewer who saw your episode this afternoon. I Googled you, and when I found the link to your website I could not get in for like 15 minutes. I’ve never had that happen before — guess a lot of folks were trying to access your site. I’m guessing that is good news! Anyway, I think the trip you are taking is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard. I hope someday if I have a family that we will be able to attempt something like what you have done. God Bless you and keep you safe!

  19. Hi Andus Family!
    I saw you all on Oprah and I have to say bravo!!
    My husband and I have wanted to get an RV one summer and travel around the US with our 2 young boys, but after watching the show I hope we get to do a couple of other countries as well. My 5 year old enjoyed watching the slide shows with me and said of your son (not sure what his name is), “mom he looks like me. I want to go jump in those dunes too!” So even your kids are inspiring other kids to have an open heart to others around the world. Have a great trip!

  20. Hi, I chuckled at the #20 comment. My name is Laura, too, and I was going to say much the same thing! I just saw you on Oprah (and you were amazing, just so you know!) and you are inspiring. I am quite excited to read the rest of your blog and continue to follow your journey. My husband and I have chosen to homeschool our children (ages 6 and 3) just so we can travel the world like you. It is wonderful to have you as our inspiration. Peace and miracles.

  21. I saw your family on Oprah today and have spent the last three hours looking at all the pictures on your website.

    I just wanted to let you know that I think what you are doing as a family is an amazing gift to your children (and yourselves). You are inspirational and it is refreshing to see people who have chosen to put their family ahead of other obligations.

    You have confirmed my longing to see more of the world and to one day travel with my kids.

    Blessings from Canada.

  22. Hi Tom,
    We saw the segment today. You guys look great. I hope you continue to have good luck and a great time.

    Since you are going to be gone for the 4th, I may finally have a chance to get on the trophy (if we have the games at all.)

    See you this fall.


  23. Saw you on Oprah today and could have watched a whole hour of your story! Your wonderful family is an inspiration. Happy and safe travels!!!

  24. Very inspirational segment you guys did on Oprah! I love to travel and it gives me the travel bug again. As an Australian living in the USA I applaud you on giving your kids a broader view of the world through your travels.

    Good luck with you travels and stay safe!

  25. hi Andrus family!

    So I get a call from my mom today. She says – “do you know the Andrus family from Atlanta, GA? They were just on Oprah.”

    Well, I only lived there about 2.5 years and certainly don’t know everyone, but I do know you and have been following this blog. I say, “yes mom, Tom used to be my boss” and “I’m tivo’ing Oprah today so I can watch them when I get home”. She says, “well tell them Oprah is BIG TIME and the show was really great”.

    So there you have it.

    It WAS a really great show and thanks for reminding us all about the importance of family.


  26. Just saw you on Oprah. I’m amazed, and jealous. The lessons your children will learn will be tremendous. Servant leaders of the future, indeed. Now that I know about you I will eagerly catch up on your story. Please write a book when your trip is over.
    I praise God for your courage.

  27. I was so amazed to hear about your journey on Oprah . . . WOW! You are giving those kids a better education than they could get anywhere else. I was in the Peace Corps for 2 years serving in the Eastern European country of Bulgaria, just north of Turkey. When you decide to hit those Eastern European countries, you should make a little pitstop in Bulgaria. I go back every summer to work in the orphanages . . . what a life-changing experience!!! Bulgaria is definitely a beautiful, unique country with a lot of history and diversity!

  28. Hello Andrus Family,

    I just finished watching my recorded Oprah and was so impressed by the caliber of your kids and their comments. What an amazing thing you planned and chose to do. You are living life and are breaking the invisible rules of the rat race!!
    I had a feeling you might be LDS after seeing the show and reading the comments on this website confirmed it. Way to be such an example of service around the world.

    Have a safe trip!! I can’t wait to see where you’ve been and where you are going and share it with my kids.


  29. You all are an amazing family! Great job on Oprah from Capetown. I am cheering you all on from California!

  30. Hello to the Andrus Family,
    How wonderful to see your big adventurous family on tv yesterday.
    Our own family of 6 has been preparing for a year away to begin in August. Thanks for sharing information regarding your gear – especially technical. I will also make sure to fit in opportunities to volunteer.

  31. We are SO proud of you. You did so well on the Oprah Show and we just couldn’t be more pleased to say we’re related to such a cool family. I can’t believe how much everyone has grown in seven months! We love you all so much and miss you tons. I’m also stoked the website is back up. Have a safe flight to the Netherlands – we love and miss you. btw – Luke has been practicing the sound Dax taught him!

    Kat, Jon, Luke and Harry

  32. Saw you on the DVD replay of Oprah! Fantastic show. I’m so happy you guys are having such wonderful experiences….

    We’re enjoying your blog! I see that Tom is having to “beef up” your pipeline to it handle the traffic. I suspect more and more people will be following your journey.

    We look forward to having you back home in August.

  33. HI
    I agree with the comment #30. I also thought you have an amazing family. And I also guessed that you were LDS. “Focus on the Family”
    I would love to do a trip like this someday with my husband and three kids.
    Congrats on being on Oprah. That was so cool. I just wish it was a longer piece of the show.
    Anyway, travel safely and Enjoy the rest of the time you have on your trip!

  34. Just curious–how did Oprah’s producers even find you/know about you? I’m always curious how that happens. Did they stumble upon your blog? Would love to hear your answer. Thanks! Have fun!!!!

  35. Hey guys,
    dont know if you remember me, I posted a comment a while ago, ahahaah so this is the show I watched of course, so you know, this episode of oprah’s show, was on, here in Portugal, just last month…thats why im still catching up with your amazing adventures troughout the world. I love it love it love it.
    Asher you are my “petit” hero, I wouldnt let so many ppl grabe me just for pictures. eheheheheh
    ok I will continue to read until Im finished.
    Cya around. love ya***

  36. I live in New Zealand and saw you on Oprah yesterday. I googled your family today because I think that what you did was uber interesting and inspiring.

    A little dissappointed that all you wrote about NZ is in relation to our roads! Are they really that bad?

    Hope your trip was amazing.

  37. Hi Andurs family, my name is Sandra and I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. I started watching the Operah show that featured you guys mid way and saw the background and thought, that looks such a lot like Cape Town. So I had to rewind my PVR so I could see what was going on. And wow I sit in awe of your family right now. I think it’s such an amazing family experience that you guys have embarked on. I see the effect it has had on your kids and the life experience they’ve learnt is really far better than any academic education could ever give them. I’ve started reading every blog you guys have posted on here, needless to say I have’nt even started cooking yet and think my partner is not going to be very happy with me, he he he, but I just had to pen this mail to you guys to say WOW! I’ll be avidly watching your progress via this site to the end. I salute you guys on your most educationally prosperous journey. I could feel the love you guys share for each other beaming right through my television screen. Thank you for sharing the world and your journey with us. I’ve not been outside the borders of Africa yet and I’m thirty years old. But rest assured, watching you guys today and reading up on your travels has given me the confidence and hunger to explore the rest of the world. Thank you so much and have a safe journey ahead.


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