What You Can’t Find, You Can Buy

¶ Namibia was a big surprise for me. I’ve always loved collecting rocks (along with coins) and I didn’t know before we came here that Namibia has more different rocks and minerals than almost any other country in the world. We spent a day rock hunting around the Spitzkoppe mountain and visited the Kristall Galery in Swakopmund, a showroom and store all to rocks and gems. My dad told me that when he was little, he and his grandpa liked to collect rocks in the mountains of Utah and then take them home and tumble and polish them. ¡ I can’t wait to get home and do the same with my Spitzkoppe rocks!











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¡ I lºve ∞∞!

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5 thoughts on “What You Can’t Find, You Can Buy

  1. massive quartz; you guys look like little people toys in comparison

    i heard that there are so many diamonds in Africa that you pick them up right off the ground; is that fact or fiction; or would you rather not comment

  2. Luke wanted me to add that he thinks the crystals look like fireballs and he wants Asher to come here and play PacMan today. He even asked me for your phone number so he could call and invite her!

    Love you guys.

  3. Good job Mac. Did you know you’re a fourth generation rock-hound on the Christensen side? Apparently you had to go to Africa to discover your rock collecting roots!

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