Can You Ride This Hippo? No, You Can’t

Swaziland was a big let down, but St. Lucia sure wasn’t. We went to Swaziland expecting to see hippos, we drove around for hours looking for them. We saw lots of deer, deer, and more deer, but no hippos. So we went to St. Lucia hoping to see one of those amazing creatures. It turns out that it was actually harder to find our hotel than it was to find the hippos. We drove up and down the same street like 50 times looking for the hotel office. We found the hotel but we couldn’t find the hotel office. So we drove up and down the street some more until we saw a small sign pointing towards the office.

Mom and Dad went in to get the key while the children waited in the car. We weren’t sure we were staying yet, so we just went to check it out. When we got the key we went back to the hotel. Everyone but Dax and Kieran went to see it. We got to the door and tried the key in the key hole… it didn’t work. Luckily there were two doors since it was a one story building with 10 rooms in a line, one door leading to the pool, the other leading too the restaraunt and bar. So I had to run around and try the restauraunt/ bar door. Fortunately it was already open, so I went and unlocked the other door so everyone else could come in. We found that it was pretty nice for a guest house, 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms, and a kitchen/living room.

We found that we liked it, so we went to get Kieran and Dax so they could see it. On the way out Asher closed the door, so when we came back we were, yes, you probably guessed it, locked out. So we had to drive back tell them we liked the room but we were locked out. They were understanding and gave us another key to a different room because they didn’t have another key for that room. The room was a bit worse but we survived. When we got all settled in we set out on a search for one of the most dangerous animals in the world, the hippo. We didn’t have to go far to find them, only about 10 minutes away. There was like 5 of them all sitting in the water, sleeping since they’re nocturnal. We heard that they travel the streets at night so we were going to go out and look around when it got dark.

At low tide the hippos showed up very wellkidsandhippos.JPG

When we took enough pictures we went back to the hotel and did work. I worked on my ‘North, South, Anywhere You Go, There Will be Coins ™’ post. When I was finished with my post, we went back out to look for the Incredible Hippopotamus, which was this time hiding. We looked in the lake and they were gone, so we drove around the city–nothing. So we gave up, (the hippos won this time!) and went back to the hotel, so we could go swimming. While we were swimming, the manager told us, ” Quick, go down the street and into a small cul de sac, there are hippos there.” So we jumped out, ran to the car, and drove off, but we left Dax because he was wasn’t interested in hippos.

We took the exact directions he gave us and found the hippos, 25 feet in front of us. It was amazing: two hippos devouring a hotel’s back lawn. That’s what they get for building their hotel on the banks of the estuary. But it was also a good thing for the people in those rooms because they could go out on the balconies and watch them. We started to get scared when the hippos started moving closer to us, because as harmless as they look, they really do kill more people each year than any other animal in Africa. So Mom and the little kids went in the car, while me and Dad stayed out. Dad got lots of good pictures of the hippos, but when they got 15 feet from us we moved in. Dad had one foot in the car, and I was on the roof. When the hippos got a little closer we decided to go check on Dax..not to be confused with Dax, France (an actual city in France), Dax Andrus (my actual brother, Dax). We told him of our magnificent triumph over the mighty hippo, and since our swimming time was cut short we went back to the pool.

Nothing like an all-night snack. Hippos eat and eat and eatHippos eatingHippos are a wide load

P.S. I’ve gotten many more coins since I wrote my last post! Booyah!

P.P.S. Hey, Noah, have you ever seen a wild hippo? ( I know you wanted me to mention you in this post so I did.)

æ…æ pwns œ…œ yo!

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  1. Did you have further experiences in Swaziland – we had a good time, curious as to what else besides hippos went wrong :-)

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