North, South, Anywhere You Go There Will be Coins

Coins from all around the world, backpackers from all over the world had put their national coins and other coins that they had from previous countries that they traveled to into that one jug…. So I took them into our room and sorted them into the countries they were from, and into doubles, singles, triples, etc., and just looked at them, like a scientist staring at his experiment. I also took out my coin collection that has hugely developed since Australia ( look back to the “What kind of coins do you have” and ‘ Coins or keychains, both’ to see what it was back then )…. I wonder if when we get back home and I combine all the Australian and New Zealand coins, all the coins that my parents have collected for me that they got on their trips, the ones I have now, and the ones I have yet to get in the future, will be bigger than his.

Aaaaahhhh, Africa!

Who knew Africa was so amazing? Well, a lot of people, but certainly not us. I had to work hard to get Tom to agree to include the continent in our journey. He harbored the usual fears: malaria, AIDS, crime, hippos, but I pressed on. I finally obtained his approval when I convinced him it…