Ride at Your Own Risk

Not because Asian drivers are any worse, or any better than the average but because our first housemate was Asian and drove with a reckless abandon which was made all the more funny as she was 4′!0 and could barely be seen over her steering wheel…. Early in the trip I might have made a comment or two about the crazy chinese drivers who think they are on a race track, or maybe joke about the Cambodians who pile 20 people in and on a mid-sized car, or the Vietnamese who have figured out how to compress space and get 6 or 7 people on one motorbike…. In our short two months there I saw more roadside carnage than I would see in 5 years in the US. We saw two truck accidents, multiple car on car accidents one truck on person aftermath (not a happy site) and one horrific truck on bus accident…. At one point I was walking on the side of the road going with traffic in the opposite direction was an auto-rickshaw on the far shoulder, a bus in the far lane, one car in the near lane and another car in my shoulder all 4 of them coming directly at me.