Can You Ride That Camel?

And third, the roads, getting a driver to drive you around is easier than most things, but the roads are horrible, so your very likely to get sick…. After a short but bumpy ride to our ‘camel safari’, we all felt pretty sick and tired, so when we saw what the ‘camel safari’ was we were extremely disapointed…. So we asked the manager what the ‘camel safari’ was, and he told us that the 2 night stay includes a 1 hour camel ride only for the first day, and nothing for the second day. We had already payed for it, so we couldn’t leave, so we just stayed in the car. After about 1 hour of dad talking to the hotel workers, and the travel agent on the phone, we established a deal, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and three 2 hour camel rides ( not including stopping at the sand dunes ).