Sunshine Daydreaming at the Taj

Sometimes 1 photo can tell the whole story. This post needs 2 photos to get the point across.

without photoshop
Family at the Taj, not sunny

with photoshop

Family at the Taj, sunny

If it’s not clear enough, here are 2 more pictures:

without photoshop

Life as it is
with photoshop

Life as it should be

3 thoughts on “Sunshine Daydreaming at the Taj

  1. OMG!! this is so cute, i love your outfit! i’ve always wanted one of those.

    How are all of you guys! well obviously your doing awesome! i miss you sister andrus! i cant wait to see you again!

  2. hey there! i have been checking out ur website and love it!! ur family seems amazing. this is my first comment, so sorry if it a bit direct, lol. buttt the photoshop job makes the taj mahal look very fake… i prefer the original.

  3. I wish i could travel as much as you do :)

    Great photos, Just be careful of photoshop. It sometimes strips the reality which is the essense of the the photo 😀

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