A Day in the Life of RSO

McKane decided to make his final post from Chennai a movie telling people about Rising Star Outreach and encouraging them to help. He wrote, shot, and edited the following movie. He woke up early, filmed most of the day’s activities, and kept the camera rolling until the kids went to sleep at night. He missed a few things like snacktime and afternoon school largely because he was so busy playing with the kids he forgot to film. Otherwise, it is a good depiction of an average day for the children of RSO’s preschool/kindergarten. If we had thought about it, a similar movie about a day in the lives of the kids who are on the waiting list to get into the school would have been a compelling contrast. Maybe next time.

The video is now up but India is my least favorite place to find good Internet. (Tom)

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of RSO

  1. We look forward to Mac’s video.
    It sounds like a number of documentaries are waiting to be made about RSO and the colonies.
    How many children are on the waiting list?
    Take care, love to all and… hope the lice are gone!

  2. Hey Tom,
    I’ve been following your blog since seeing you this summer at the reunion. Very impressive & fun what you’re accomplishing.

    Loved the video McKane did above – have some quick questions. First, what is the song you used on this video & who sings it? Also, do the children learn their school lessons in English, or an Indian dialect? How can one donate supplies, etc. to this project or this particular school?

    Hope you are all doing well – take care.


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