No Internet Oasis in the Rajasthani Desert

We’ve spent the past week traveling in an entirely new way and we’re paying the price. I sit now in our hotel in Jodhpur where I have 10 minutes of internet access with the sole purpose of getting this ditty up to let you all know we’re still alive. In the past week we’ve flown at a madcap pace through Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore National Park, Jaipur, Pushkar, Udaipur, Jojowar, and Jodhpur. We’ve seen amazing sites but have had no time to wash our clothes or get online. Those of you who have sent emails…we’re sorry for not getting back to you but promise we will soon. We are hopping in the truck now to go to Jaisalmer where we have one night in a hotel before heading out on a 2-day camel safari. We’ll try to find a place to get all our posts up and do emails tonight. All we can do is hope.

At least the camels won’t mind if our clothes stink.

2 thoughts on “No Internet Oasis in the Rajasthani Desert

  1. Hey there,
    Your itinerary sounds very familiar????
    Are you having a great time there then in India? Did you manage to book a tour easily? And did you use my referral? hope all is well
    “The Bums”
    Jon & Lisa

  2. now I know you are doing India right; if you smell good something is wrong

    I evacuated a train car with my stinky feet on my way from Darjeeling to Calcutta

    you can take a shower in S.A.

    have fun, Todd

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