Can You Ride That Camel?

And third, the roads, getting a driver to drive you around is easier than most things, but the roads are horrible, so your very likely to get sick…. After a short but bumpy ride to our ‘camel safari’, we all felt pretty sick and tired, so when we saw what the ‘camel safari’ was we were extremely disapointed…. So we asked the manager what the ‘camel safari’ was, and he told us that the 2 night stay includes a 1 hour camel ride only for the first day, and nothing for the second day. We had already payed for it, so we couldn’t leave, so we just stayed in the car. After about 1 hour of dad talking to the hotel workers, and the travel agent on the phone, we established a deal, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and three 2 hour camel rides ( not including stopping at the sand dunes ).

Once There Were Kings

In order to get there we had to venture off the good (mostly 2 lane roads) to a bad (1 lane road) and drive over a small set of mountains…. The difference between a village and small town being there is an intersection in a small town going in all 4 directions, most villages just have the main road or at times are even off to the side of a main road…. After a few pleasantries he explained that the palace was once his families home and he had just turned it into a hotel a mere 5 years ago. We chatted breifly and he jumped in a jeep to guide some other tourists around the different villages in the area…. When I had walked the 4 streets I headed back to the hotel to show Anne some of the pictures and the whole family decided to go on a walk through the town.

Hostage in a Sport Utility Vehicle

This is a post for all of you who keep asking, “Is it really going that well out there?” and accuse us of painting too rosy a picture of our life on the road… If ever you want to travel the western Indian state of Rajasthan, each and every guide book and travel agent will…

Pigs are Like Tigers

Last week we went to Ranthambhore for our tiger safari, pfffhh, more like bird safari. We actually didn’t see any tigers, only birds and deer. We arrived in Ranthambhore after a hard day of driving from Agra. What was supposed to be a 5 hour drive somehow turned into an 8-hour journey on horrible roads.…

Sunshine Daydreaming at the Taj

Sometimes 1 photo can tell the whole story. This post needs 2 photos to get the point across. without photoshop with photoshop If it’s not clear enough, here are 2 more pictures: without photoshop with photoshop

Dax’s Bad Day in Delhi

Three thirty in the morning. Far too early for anyone to be up, yet there we were taking our bags down to the taxi and bidding farewell to a few of the RSO children and staff. We made our way to the airport and prepared for our flight to Delhi. After buying the little kids…

Our Many Colored Ways… of traveling

Many of you at home have asked us to describe our “normal” day on the road. This is an impossible task, because there is no normal day. There isn’t even a normal week. We piece together different forms of travel for different parts of the trip. I will elaborate later, but by means of travel,…