What Ticket? I Can’t Click It!

Then there was the mini-bus ride through the mountains form Luang Prabang to Laos’s capital, it wasn’t that it was dangerous, it was that it made you sick, real sick…. Mom on the other hand couldn’t take of her pants because they were packed up on the top of the bus, so she had to keep them on, the worst part about that was that it made the whole car smell…. Luckily, no one else through up the rest of the way, but we felt better when we heard form the people that were in other mini buses that they all had people throw up, but they actually warned the driver to stop. We haven’t really done any bad travel since then except for the tuk-tuk to the buddha park where we got a flat and had to take another one which will be mentioned in other post.

You Want Opium?

Laos is a fascinating little country located smack dab in the middle of Southeast Asia, wedged firmly between Thailand, China, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Once known as the Land of a Million Elephants, the official emblem of its power was the rare albino elephant, a mascot recently re-adopted by the communist government in Vientiane. Laotians are…