Can You Ride This Elephant?

While in Chiang Mai, we visited the Mae Ping Elephant Camp. Kieran had been waiting to ride the big beasts ever since we got to Southeast Asia, so he was really excited. He wasn’t disappointed by Mae Ping. The elephants there are trained to have people ride them and do shows. In the shows, they perform tricks, play music, paint pictures, and even dance. Each elephant has a personal trainer called a mahout. The mahout works with the elephant his entire life. If the mahout dies before the elephant, then his son or another relative who has also worked with the elephant might take over for him.

It made sense that when it was time for the Andrus family to ride the elephants, we got to ride a father and a mother who had her baby attached by a rope. You can see everything we did in the comic below. Enjoy!
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riding elephants in Chaing Mai page 2 the elephant bath

Elephant Riding scaring kieran in Mae ping

Feeding Elephants money

Riding in a basket on elephants

Bamboo rafting and ox cart in chaing mai

Smelling flowers in Chaing Mai

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5 thoughts on “Can You Ride This Elephant?

  1. Holy Photoshop! Nice work Mac! The comic strip looks great.
    You guys had quite a day… one you’ll never forget. I’m not sure what you can do that will top an hour long ride on elephants… maybe a camel ride?
    Dax looked happy at the orchid farm, even if he wasn’t. Asher seemed to enjoy the flowers. We look forward to the rest of the photos from this day.
    Love to all–

  2. Hello, we are a family of 4 also travelling around the world but for six months, right now we are in Australia, but in Vietnam we shared friends Sven en Jozef from Belgium. In Thailand we went to the same elephantcamp. It would be great if you had some tips for Australia and New-Zealand! We have also a website but in Dutch.

    Have a good trip!

    Amelie (the daughter of the family)

  3. WOW! I love your comics! Such a cool way to share your adventure in a way easy to digest for everyone (and every age)! I will add a link, and keep posted on your adventure. You have inspired me and my future family. I’m talking to my GF about your site now. You have shown us all that family doesn’t have to be an anchor. Please keep it up!!

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