Trapped Behind the Taiwanese Earthquake Curtain

Just as soon as we got settled into our wonderful, wi-fi enabled home away from home in Chiang Mai, an earthquake shook things up off the coast of Taiwan, bringing much of Asia’s internet traffic to a grinding halt. Thankfully, there were no resulting tsunamis and loss of life was minimal, but an undersea cable that routes and carries untold amounts of voice and data traffic through the region was seriously damaged. So we are trapped. We can access a few select sites, send emails, and make calls on Skype, but we can’t get to this blog, approve your comments for posting, or add new content…bummer, since we were using Chiang Mai as a place to do a lot of updating. Hopefully we’ll regain access in a few days, but since we’re heading into Laos on Monday or Tuesday, we may not have time to get much done. Tom’s mom, Lorelie, has been kind enough to post this for us so you’d know we’re still out here.

So even if they don’t show up, please keep leaving comments and sending emails. We’ve got lots to tell you about the King’s Flora Exposition, the food in northern Thailand, and how we never want to leave Chiang Mai, but that will all have to wait for another day.

This hiccup in Asia’s connectivity is yet another reminder of how fragile much of the world’s communications and business
infrastructure really is. All it takes is a power outage, a natural disaster, or a crazed politician to cut you off from your money, your family, and your ability to do much of anything. We get frustrated when we can’t use plastic to pay or e-tickets to board, but cash and paper talk when computers are silent.

We’ll see you again once the curtain has lifted.

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