Happy Holidays to All the Friends and Family of Sixintheworld!


In the annals of family history, this will go down as a very different Christmas. While we are thrilled to be on this trip with our focus on our little sixsome, we are sad that it takes us away from our loved ones and doesn’t allow us to share in the normal holiday celebrations we would have with our friends. We look forward to celebrating twice as much next year, but until then we would like to send out the following holiday wishes to the various groups who read Sixintheworld.

To our family, we miss and love you all. We love your comments on the blog. It makes the trip much more enjoyable knowing the people we love are experiencing it with us.

To our friends, coworkers and schoolmates, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Chanukah, and Merry Festivus. We love to hear from you, are tickled when we receive your comments, and look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

To our fellow world travelers, we wish you safe journeys. We look forward to crossing paths with you over and over as we continue to circle the world together.

To our unknown readers, Happy Holidays. We know you are there and hope you are enjoying our travel stories. Feel free to reach out and let us know who you are. We have already heard from many of you and are always glad to make new friends and find people who share our love of travel, the world, and its people.

Experiencing the world in this way has driven home how blessed we are both materially and politically. To an even greater degree, we are increasingly grateful for all the rich relationships we have both at home and on the road. All our best to all of you this holiday season.

Kids hanging in the palace

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3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays to All the Friends and Family of Sixintheworld!

  1. Happy Holidays to the sixintheworld family!!

    We too have enjoyed the many hours spent around the computer, reading and seeing the posts from your family. We are truly blessed to have your family as wonderful friends and wish you safe travels for the remainder of your journeys.

  2. Uncle Tom,
    I love aunt anne, and everybody.
    Santa came to me and gave me presents.
    I love you and just love you guys so much.
    That’s all.

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