Phnom Penh, The Wild West of Cambodia

Tom and I are glad to have arrived back in Cambodia, one of our favorite places from our previous travels. When we first visited in 2003, we missed the capital city, Phnom Penh. At the time we wanted to focus on the country’s ancient splendor rather than its modern tragedy. Safety was a concern as…

Top 6 Political Musings After a Month in Vietnam

We lament losing a war, we lament joining a war which wasn’t our own, we postulate about how things could have gone differently and in general it is the big pit of humillty in the middle of our usual American bravado…. It isn’t exactly the same as the democratic (and corrupt) government we were trying to sustain, but for the average Vietnamese it does create economic opportunity and protects most of the freedoms we hold dear. (Like most countries they have work to do and abuses to stop but they are headed the right direction) I have not found a good Ho Chi Min biography here to read, but from what I can gather, this new Vietnam would please him and perhaps bring him to tears of joy…. For him fighitng the French and the Americans was just the continuation of a struggle that had gone on for 2 millenia the French and the Americans had just taken the place of the Chinese and the Khmer’s or Chams.