Top 6 Things to Eat in Vietnam

The biggest surprise about the food in Vietnam was how fresh it was. The country is small and everything, produce and meat alike, is rushed daily from the countryside to the ciites. Everything is cooked outside in neighborhood street kitchens so the sights and smells are tantalizing. Tom and the boys loved learning about the cuisine from their cooking teacher, An, in Hanoi and will be available for demonstrations once we get home. Here are our favorite foods from this tasty country:

1. Tom — Bun Cha (grilled pork)
2. Anne — Pho (beef noodle soup)
3. Dax — Afghani Chicken at Omar Khayyam’s Indian Restaurants
4. McKane — Pho 24 chicken noodle soup
5. Kieran — Choco Pies
6. Asher — Spaghetti Bolognese

(At least the little kids are consistent with their preference for sweets and Italian food. That doesn’t seem to change no matter where we go!)

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3 thoughts on “Top 6 Things to Eat in Vietnam

  1. I think you should try the following too:

    – Bun Bo Hue ( beef noofle in Hue style, it is hot)
    – Banh Xeo ( has pork, shrimp, and rice.. dip with fish source)

    Those dishes are delicious.

  2. Vietnamese street food From hawkers with cauldrons of soup hanging from shoulder poles, to push carts, market stalls and makeshift “street kitchens”, Vietnam’s street food is unsurpassed. Often better quality than what’s found in restaurants, it’s much cheaper and a lot more fun. Though the choice is enormous, most vendors are highly specialized, serving one type of food or even just a single dish, but they cook it to perfection. All you need is a bit of judicious selection – look for places with a fast turnover, where the ingredients are obviously fresh – and a smattering of basic vocabulary.

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