Top 6 Things for Families to Do in Vietnam

Vietnam is the one country where we really took our time. Our visas were good for one month and that was just about the perfect amount of time to see the small country from top to bottom at a leisurely pace. Contrary to other travelers’ experience, we enjoyed the north more than the south and found Halong Bay and Hanoi to be the highlights. Here’s a list of our favorite things to do in this rapidly changing country.

1. Asher — Play with Vietnamese children
2. Kieran — Play on the beach on a remote island in Halong Bay
3. McKane — Jump off boats in Halong Bay
4. Dax — Take a cooking class in Hanoi
5. Anne — Wander the hectic streets of the Old Quarter in Hanoi
6. Tom — Wade through seas of motorbikes in the cities

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