None For the Angry One

After a long day of getting ripped off, being given wrong information, and not being able to find a hotel, we were done with Mu Nei, but when Mom saw a picture of a guy going down a sand dune on a plastic sled, she said that it might be worth staying for. So Dad spent another two hours and finally found a hotel/bungalow place to stay. It was a pretty nice place–birds, trees, and flowers everywhere, along with free breakfast. Dad went to buy the tour for 5:00 am because if we went any later it would be too hot. So the tour was ready, we had a hotel, we were ready for 1 day in Mu Nei. We had to go to bed early for the 4:45 wake up call to get on the 5:00 car.

It took 45 minutes to get to the first dunes by car, but it was the farthest part of the tour. We had about a 15 minute walk to get from the parking lot to the dunes. It would have been easy, but the whole way there a wedding photo shoot kept blocking our path. They even held up the dune we were supposed to go down. We had to wait a while for them to finish. Dax went down first, then it was my turn.

Dax sliding on the sandIMG_2524.JPGSand sledding with Kieran

I was hesitant at first, but I faced my fears and slid. It wasn’t that bad except for that they plopped Kieran on my back right when they pushed me down. It was the only time I didn’t crash out of the 3 times I went on that dune. I would have gone more if I didn’t have to walk up the dune and if I hadn’t sliced my arm on the last one. I crashed on the last one because of the way the guide put me on the sled. Instead of going face first, he made me put my knees first and I couldn’t really keep a good grip on the strings. When I went over a bump, my arms flew behind me. My sled came to a complete stop, so I rolled off down to the bottom of the hill. But I wasn’t the only to fall: Mom, Dax, Kieran, and Dad fell too, but Ash didn’t because she was too little to go. We didn’t get any pics of Dad or Dax falling, because dad had the cam and Dax fell before dad got down to take pictures.

Mac showing some great speed in the sandMcKane taking a tumbleMom and Kieran crashing on the sand dunes

When we were done at the dunes, we went to the Red Cliffs where we met Nam and his friend. Nam said he was 16, but he looked 12. His friend said she was 13, but she looked 9. They may have been little, but they were strong. They carried Kieran and Asher up the steep hill and Asher back down, so dad gave them 24,500 VND. They weren’t satisfied because we didn’t buy their postcards. We left them behind and went to the yellow sand dunes where there was loads of kids trying to rent us the mats for sliding. These dunes were much easier for the little kids, so they could do it alone. Dad rented 4 mats from the kids, but one boy he didn’t pick got angry because he “got there first, it was his sale.” Dad did eeny meeny miney mo between all the kids so the boy was very angry. He was telling us how mean our family was and out of his many Western customers our family was the only bad one. On our way out of the yellow dunes he called Dax “monkey boy” because of the hair on his legs (Most Asian men don’t have body hair). Then Dax started chasing him. Dax was only playing but the boy was still mean. Then the boy I rented my mat from all of the sudden started saying “bulls***.” I told him that if he swore he wouldn’t get customers, but he just said, “It ok. I get customers. Bulls***!” When some Brits came over the hill, we told them not to buy from my kid and the mean kid. But none of the kids followed them. For some reason, they just kept following us. Most of them were really nice and laughed and talked. Some were telling the mean boys to stop being rude. Mom bought postcards from a sweet little girl who followed her the whole way. She made a lot more money by being nice than the boys did by being pushy. We got to our car, and when we drove away, I yelled out the window, “I love you all! But not him (pointing to the mean kid)! Just kidding, but you have to be nice!” He yelled back with a smile on his face, “I hate your whole family!” He was one weird kid.

All the kids around helping ours to sledAsher sledding down the hillKieran sledding on sand down the hill

After the yellow sand dunes we had to decide if we wanted to go to to the Fairy Springs or not. We decided not to go because we were all really hungry. So dad just took pictures of the fishing village instead. We drove for about 20 minutes to our hotel and then ordered our free breakfast. Ash, Kieran, Dax, And I all got a chocolate pancake and two lemon juices. The pancakes were so good that Kieran, Dax, and I all got another one, I even had one for lunch along with fries and rice. The little kids and I played in the pool with the coconut I found at the beach until we had to go to the bus that took us to Ho Chi Minh City. The bus ride was long and uncomfortable because they oversold. But we got there, and here I am in Ho Chi Minh City writing my post. Well that’s all, so have a good time and read the blog! He’s going, he’s going, he’s gone!, McKane is out.

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8 thoughts on “None For the Angry One

  1. Hey that would have been fun! I laughed at the picture of I think it was Anne falling off her mat with arms and legs flying everywhere…..How annoying to be harrassed by the natives…

  2. OH MAN!!! That looks so much fun!! you go Dax!!! Don’t let anyone talk smack about you even if he was 10 years old… hahaha monkey boy… what the heck is wrong with those people anyway… sounds like the little boy yelling BS had a little Teretts problem or something…

  3. Everyone wants to make sure Anne was okay after her face plant. Any damage? Was the sand soft?

    Sand sledding lets you have the fun of snow sledding without the wet and cold. Why hasn’t this caught on at the sand dunes in Utah?

    We’re glad you dodged the typhoon! Stay safe.

  4. The sand was very soft. Anne probably broke her nose again and she got a little scrape on the bridge. I was calling her “Scabby” but it has mostly healed. There goes my fun.

  5. This site is a little confusing and i dont know were to write merry christmas, so i’ll just do it right here. Merry christmas from Rodgy(docta j renegade) and David O.

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