Asher and Her Asian Friends

Asher and KIeran were so destined to have fun that they met a little girl whose mom worked there and started hopping around on the ” ton tons,” bouncy things seen in the picture in my mom’s post…. Asher, Kieran, and their little friend ran from the dinner table to the pool table and playing on top of the pool table…. I had to go up to stop them from doing multiple things including “easy pool,” which is when you are up on top of the pool table and you drop the balls through the hole, take them out, and do it again and again…. So Asher learned how to use her hands to make the girl follow them and do other stuff.Even on the train from Hanoi to Hue Asher made a friend.

Getting Fat in Hanoi

The paths you walk to get through the market are one person wide with shops on either side, the zoning laws appear to be somewhat random with a fish shop next to a grain shop next to a fruit shop…. I explained to them both that if they remember how to put this whole meal together they will score some great points with the ladies when they get older. That was beyond their level of comprehension, but I predict we will look back 5 years from now and one or both of them will use some or all of the skills we picked up to whoo members of the opposite sex…. I had tried to convince them is was a different kind of soy sauce but now they understand that it is made from small fish and not small beans the tenor of our meals has changed.