Far Away from Thanksgiving

They are trained enough to make it through KFC or a mellow cafe, but the certainty of a spill, the occasional projectile piece of food, and an inability to sit for more than 20 minutes keep fancy restaurants off our agenda…. Both Koto and Cafe Smile take homeless youth off the street, give them a place to live, and train them in the hospitality industry enabling them to one day get jobs in hotels and restaurants around the city…. We can’t vouch for the efficacy of any money you might choose to donate, but we can assure you we have first hand knowledge of the work they do and attest to the difference they are making in people’s lives. If you have a moment, check them out by clicking on the “Nonprofits” tab above.We hope your Thanksgiving was filled with gratitude and look forward to enjoying our traditional tryptophan-induced stupor next year.