Finding My Inner Patriot

10 years younger than we are (as most of our fellow RTW’ers seem to be), Jon and Lisa sold their house and left jobs and befuddled friends behind. I must admit there are still days when my competitive, type-A side sweats the financial and career sacrifices we are making in order to do this, but Jon summed up the justification for our adventure succinctly: “Unlike many of the people here (in Vietnam), anything I had before, I can have again.” It might take a while and his new home might be smaller than his last, but he feels the experience he’s gaining now is more valuable than an extra bedroom or a year of career advancement.Since Jon and Lisa have been on the road for four months, they’ve met a lot of other travelers along the way…. Tom joked about doing this to say safe in a post before we left the States, but it was more a commentary on our nation’s unpopular foreign policy than an actual survival strategy.