I’ll Jump If You Jump


As most of my friends know, I’m not much of a adrenaline junky. Well, as of this weekend, I’m more than I used to be. My fear of adrenaline rushes started when I was 10 and one of my long-time best friends, Austin McBride, asked if Dax and I wanted to go to Lagoon, one of Utah’s theme parks. I said, “Sure why not?” I was wrong. I went on the the slowest coaster their was, and I was terrified. I never wanted to go on one again. But since then I’ve been progressing slowly. I think I’ve passed the point I was at when I was 5. My love of adrenaline rushes started decreasing when I was 6. But, after going to Disney World and Seven Peaks Water Park, I’ve started wishing that I’d gone on some of the rides I was scared of, like Everest at Disney World.

Three months after my last trip to Seven Peaks I’m standing here in the land of Vietnam at the Golden Sun Hotel, and I’m going to tell you about the jumps off the boat I made this weekend. It started with my family booking the 3 day/2 night trip to the Ocean Resort island. We all loaded up in the bus to the 4 hour away Halong City where we would get on the boat that would take us to the island. They told us we would go to the caves, then the beach, and then take a swim in the ocean. What they didn’t tell me was that we would jump off the boat. I didn’t want to swim after the beach and neither did Dax, so we changed out of our trunks and into our pants. But, when they said they we were going to jump off the second floor of the boat, I thought, “Oh, I’ll try it.” Then I saw how far it was down. I was so scared. I almost chickened out, but I faced my fears and jumped. My stomach went up to my chest, and I didn’t know if I liked it or not, so I did it again. I loved it! I did it 6 times until everyone was done. I actually went two times after everyone was done, so I did it the most.

Night Jumping off the boat

Later that night I heard some people talking about jumping from the top in the morning, I thought, “I can’t do that.” In the morning everyone was too tired from playing Jack*** late into the night to jump before breakfast. But when the second boat that would pick us up was an hour late, which we had no idea would happen, we started jumping from the top. I think half of the people jumped off the top, including me. I was even more scared this time. It was pretty high for me, so me and another guy named Dan said we we would go on 3. He counted “1…2…3” and jumped. I didn’t jump on three, but I counted on in my head to 5 and jumped! ¡ It was the best ! I loved it! I did it again and again and again and again. But suddenly everyone stopped jumping because they were tired! But that meant the bits could start. They said they wanted to jump, but when they got to the edge, they were scared. We told them whoever jumped first got ice cream. After a while dad got tired of being in the water and said this was their last chance so Asher jumped. She loved it. Kieran did it too. So in the end almost everyone jumped from somewhere. Come to think of it mom was the only one not to go in the water. At the end of the trip the jumping was my favorite thing. Andrus, out.

halong bay jumpingDoing a 360 off the boatspreadeagle off of boat.JPGWalking on water

Getting off my junk in HaLong Bay

Dax canonballing it.

Dad swan diving off of Junk

Kieran jumping off boat

Asher Jumping off Boat

(Note from Anne: I learned a lesson here. I didn’t jump because I was taking pictures and trying to keep the little ones from falling off the side of the boat. Next time I’ll be sure to switch duties with Tom so my kids don’t think I’m a wimp!)

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10 thoughts on “I’ll Jump If You Jump

  1. McKane – That looks so much fun! I wish I was there to jump off that boat with you. How high do you think this was? It definitely is a much cooler place and activity than Lagoon. In the infamous words of Napolean Dynamite…LUCKY!!!

    Way to go Kieran and Asher. Tom, are you sure that was a dive? It sure looked like the begining of a belly flop to me.

    I miss you guys!!

  2. I sure understand the rush and fun of jumping off of high places. When I was young (yes I was once) we had a 40 foot tall tower at the local swimming hole…an old stone quarry. I braved the 30 foot level but chickened out on the 40 foot level. Good old days before joining the motorcycling world of thrills.

  3. Way to go Mac! It’s always a good feeling to face your fears and find out you love something you thought you didn’t. I used to love cliff jumping at Lake Powell with my brothers. I would never let them one up me, so I would face those fears head on, no matter how high. They even told me once when I was 8 or so that I couldn’t ride this little motorcycle in my Grandparents orchard. But there was no way I wasn’t going to let them tell me what I can and cannot do. So off I went. I throttled it too much and got going pretty fast. At that point, I was afraid to put on the brake ’cause I thought I’d fly off the bike, so I let the wood fence in front of me be my brake instead-head on. They have never let me live that down. Good times!!! I’m afraid as I get older, I am more of a wimp then I used to be. So, live it up!!!

  4. p.s. those pictures are incredible! You’ll have to hang one in your room when you get home to remind you that you can do anything!

  5. Way to go, McKane! Jump a few for me! I sure miss you! There are only 2 of us in scouts. Have fun.

  6. Sweet! I’m so proud of you Mac! I knew you had a little of your aunt kat diver in you!

    Love and miss you guys.

  7. MAC!!!! we relly should haVe gone on everst. miss u man oh and for every one eho lives in georgia im coming on december 1 st WOO HOO!

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