Top 6 Things to Eat in China

We ate like pigs in China. The food is cheap, plentiful and tasty and far superior to anything we’ve gotten in Chinese restaurants at home. By the time we got to Yangshou, the younger kids were ready for some Western food and went back to their old favorites of pizza and lasagna. Dax could eat Chinese all day everyday, and with the exception of needing a good steak every now and then, dispense with Western food completely. I was happy I could eat order three entrees for $4 and Tom was in culinary heaven. (See his Getting Fat in Beijing post for more details.) Here are our favorite foods from our month in the land of Mao.

1. Asher — Pizza at the China Cafe, Yangshou
2. Kieran — Lasagna at the China Cafe, Yangshou
3. McKane — Sweet and Sour Pork
4. Dax — Fried Rice
5. Anne — Sesame Balls
6. Tom — Szechuan Hot Pot or maybe sauteed pork and eggplant, or maybe tea roasted duck, or maybe Kung Pao chicken, or maybe spare ribs

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