Top 6 Things for Families to Do in China

China was a major surprise for us. We went in fearing coldness and rigidity and instead found only warmth and flexibility. We were overwhelmed by the affection the Chinese people showed us and don’t doubt much of it was because we are a family, or as the Chinese like to say “big, happy family.” This led to some parenting problems since any time we tried to discipline the kids, for example, scolding Asher for dancing on the table at a restaurant, the Chinese would intervene and tell us it was ok. There was so much to see and do it seemed a travesty of travel justice to spend only one month in the country. We made the best of our 30 days though, and here are our favorite things to do:

1. Asher — Dance with fauxhawk wearing fancy guys outside discos (because you’re too young to actually go inside)
2. Kieran — Visit pandas in Chengdu and walk on the Big Buddha at Leshan
3. McKane — Master the art of negotiating with vendors at the Silk Market in Beijing
4. Dax — Hike the Great Wall from Jintanling to Simatai
5. Anne —Teach English to sweet, beautiful kids in Yangshou
6. Tom — Marvel at the scenery in Jiuzhaigou and eat, eat, eat!

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