Teaching English in Yangshou, The Easy Version

I have heard many people say they love Anne’s writing. I’m one of them, however, I have also heard that her posts are a little long and above their grade level. For those people, I’ve made a simpler version of her previous post.

All images are clickable, here goes…

Page 1 Teaching English

Page 2 of Teaching English

Page_3 Teaching English

Our Kids the English Teachers

Kids in Yangshou

I am on a high speed (69k) connection in a small (200k) town, so if this doesn’t work I will try to fix it when I get to a better place.

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3 thoughts on “Teaching English in Yangshou, The Easy Version

  1. Thanks for the comic book version!
    This is very creative and fun.

    Where was your editor? (Don’t post that!)

    We appreciate the long and the short of your experiences from Anne and you… and the boys.
    We’re glad you’re taking time on your journey to keep us informed.

    Love you guys…

  2. Andrus family!

    How exciting your travels are. I apologize for not posting sooner. I’ve been in awe of your writing ability, including the musings of Dax and Mac.

    So, admittedly, a little bit of ego has made me hesitant to submit comments, but in the end I was embrarassed that my small-mindedness what keeping me from sharing in such a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience. Let me start by asking for forgiveness from each of the six “in da wuhld”…

    Please do not mistake my silence for a lack of interest. I’ve been following you the whole time and have enjoyed reading about NZ, Australia and China. If I’ve missed a county, let me know and I’ll review the website.

    What a wonderful experience the Andrus clan are having. I love watching the family explore all of the new and exciting environment.

  3. That’s alright Otis, I am intimidated by the kids writing. Great to hear from you. All our best to the family. Send us pictures of Dace.

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