Top 6 Worst Things About Long Bus Rides

If you’re going on a long bus ride, prepare yourself for the unthinkable. Especially if you have small children, loud children, whiny children, or gassy children. After the two 12 hour bus rides to and from the National Park, Jiuzhaigou, here are the top 6 worst things about long bus rides:

1.Trying to sit next to someone you don’t fight with, doesn’t smell, doesn’t make bad smells, and you can lay on. I found the last one out on the way back when I sat next to Kieran.

2. When it seems like your driver has a grudge against you and honks every time you just about fall asleep.

3. The never ending 1-hour traffic areas, where you can’t do much but look around the highway and kick rocks off of a cliff.

Traffic jam in the middle of nowhere

4. The oh so annoying old ladies and fat guy behind you who can only yell, snarl at you when you look back at them, or sleep for an hour or two while snoring like elephants.

5. The co-driver who, of course like almost all of Chinese residents, can’t go 15 minutes without smoking, yells a lot, and gives you 5 seconds to get your bags out of the bus.


6. And finally, your little sister and brother who wake you up when you try to sleep and ask you questions and yell at you for not getting them something deeply wedged somewhere under your seat.

You can attempt to go on a bus with those six things, and if you make it, email me… please. That’s all for this week’s not so weekly post. Gooh Beh.

Friends on another bus

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2 thoughts on “Top 6 Worst Things About Long Bus Rides

  1. Your experiences and comments make a pretty good case for flying anywhere you want to go!
    It’s great to hear from you and we’re glad you’ve survived all your bus related ordeals.
    We love you and miss you–

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