My First Chinese Haircut

Normally this is not a problem as she is the one who trims my hair and I can pretty much handle shaving, but we are currently clipper-less – we left ours in the van in Australia as it didn’t have a power converter to handle different voltage. I have been rather impressed with the effort the Chinese put into some of the service professions, like massaging feet so while on an errand to purchase food and or a few clothing articles, including a second undershirt for dax to go with previously white, now gray one, I got my haircut…. I don’t know if the story is true, a dream, or a cover up for someother way you normally get hepititis all I know is I am glad they changed the blade…. While not exactly the tissue paper for which I was looking, I made them work and I went of in search of food, socks and undershirts, a little less impressed with the service level in China.