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Crikey! We Finally Found Some Koalas

Last Thursday we made our long awaited visit to Steve and Terri Irwin’s Australia Zoo…the inside of the zoo that is. You may remember that we spent some quality time in the parking lot in September. We had promised Kieran he would see koalas and after many fruitless attempts to find them in the wild,…

Change of Latitude

I am writing and posting this short note from the airplane taking us from Brisbane to Seoul. After a month and a half of scrambling to find broadband throughout New Zealand and Australia, we have high hopes for a more connected Asia. We hope Boeing’s providing this free in-flight service for the moment is an omen that our Asian experience will be replete with bandwidth.Keeping our fingers crossed and our kids asleep.

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Men Will Be Boys

After much anticipation on the part of everyone involved, the designated hour for our date to build castles with our new friend Richard, his kids Kylie, Daniel, Mitchell, and Robert, and Kylie’s friend Ebony arrived. Tom and McKane met them at the main entrance to King’s Beach. McKane and the girls made the short walk…

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Even Tom Can’t Eat That!

The first vacation Tom and I took together was during Dead Week at Yale, one of the two weeks between the end of finals and graduation. On this particular week nothing happens around campus, hence the colorful moniker. The second week, more tamely called Senior Week, is filled with picnics, dances, parties, and other bizarre…

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Surfing with Kings and Dining Like Them Too

Four days ago we picked up stakes and made the big move from the more elegant, understated Moffat Beach to the busier, flashier King’s Beach. From our new third floor apartment we have spectacular views to the wave-stacked ocean just 100 feet from our doorstep. The water is so close that with no view of…

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The Llamas are Singing In Perth

As in New Zealand and the U.S., Australia has a variety of its own unique sports. While we were in Australia, we had the chance to view the two ‘super bowl’esque championships: the AFL (Aussie Rules Football) and the NRL (National Rugby League). These sports are quite different from any others of their kind. Aussie…