Dinner with China

When we arrived at China, the family got the bags (with some trouble), and went outside to look for Tong’s friends who were picking us up. Tong was a Chinese lady that we met in the Armidale branch. We were thankful for their help, so we said we would take them to dinner some time. Three days later we called one of them to offer to take him out, but with his small English vocabulary and our smaller Mandarin one, it was hard for us to tell him that. He sent a text message a little while later and said that he would choose a good Chinese restaraunt, pick us up at our hotel, and invite some friends. One of them served as a translator, and one was just a good friend. He ended up taking us to a very fancy restraunt, and he had reservations! Reservations! I can’t remember a time where the whole family went out to dinner and had reservations!

The dinner at the Mouse King

The food was deliciofabulosorino and the people were very nice. We got my favorite Chinese dish, ‘Sweet and Sour Pork,’ which I’ve gotten at every Chinese restaraunt we’ve been to in China, fried rice (another greatastic dish that I oh so love), and some other chicken and beef dishes. Kieran and Asher got bored in our private room, so I took them out to the public room where Asher met a little Chinese girl her age. They played for a long time and made faces and roared at each other for a while and played with the waitresses too. But eventually the little girl left, so Asher said, ” Let’s go find another girl.” We looked around and finally found one, but she was in a glass private room and she wouldn’t come out. So we went back in the room and ate some more, but of course, Asher ran out.

Playing with friends Asher's friend

I went out to look for her, and when I found her, all the waitresses were saying, “Ashure, Ahsure, Ashure, come here” and she was running around them. I decided to start a new game, and shined my new laser light that I’ve wanted since 2nd grade on a waitress. Kieran popped up out of nowhere (he must have run out of the room), and started punching her. Asher soon followed suit. The waitresses thought it was good fun so I shined it on another waitress and they both attacked her too. We did this for a while, but we had to stop because my light’s battery died. I went back to the room to try to salvage what was left of the battery, and Dax went out to watch the bits. I went out to see what they were up to, and they were just as crazy as before. They were running around the public part yelling stuff and doing the claw to all the diners. It seemed like they didn’t mind, but we made them stop. That was pretty much the whole evening. McKane Andrus, signing out.

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  1. mac, that reminds me of the time when we went to thanksgiving point
    and you told kieran to punch the big blown up cow that some guy was in, because it would be funny? we were waiting the line for the train.
    he had to get out of the costume as soon as everyone could get him under control.
    it was really hard not to laugh.

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