Top 6 Things We Learned in Australia

Australia is a fabulous place to visit with plenty of beautiful beaches, mountains, deserts, and cities to explore. We found that in addition to the landscape, the people are a big part of the country’s allure. They are friendly, outgoing, and embrace life with an enthusiasm that is refreshing for overworked, stressed out Americans to behold. They can teach us a thing or two about enjoying life and living it to its fullest…and they can kick the snot out of us on the rugby field. Here are the top 6 things we learned during our month down under:

1. Real men are not afraid to put a -y on the end of their words, e.g. barbeque=barby, breakfast=breaky, football=footy, biker=bikey, tough guy=baddy, surfer=surfy, sunglasses=sunnies, or to call chickens chooks.

2. Everything closes early…even earlier than in New Zealand and even earlier on Saturdays.

3. Be sure to book ahead if you’re visiting during school holidays.

4. Sleeping in the car isn’t a cakewalk, but there are worse things you could do.

5. Crocs rule! (We’ll miss you, Steve)

6. What constitutes cussing is relative. Just because a few dicey expletives are commonplace here, don’t expect to get to use them at home kids!

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4 thoughts on “Top 6 Things We Learned in Australia

  1. Hello Andrus Family,

    I had to write a quick note after coming across your blog by accident. My family and I are currently in Queensland for ten months, away from our home in Canada.
    I thought we were adventurous taking a year off away from home and family but I guess we have nothing on you!
    It has been great reading your Australia blogs and looking at your pictures and stories. We laughed several times at similar thoughts we have shared on the Aussie style of life. It is so strange that you were in the same area that we are now living.
    We too have started a blog since our arrival and we will definitely look back at yours for ideas.
    Is your year of travel over?
    Take care, from the Skeen family, Melissa, Dan , Maddy and Nate
    if you care to look, our blog is

  2. Hey Andrus Family!
    I just watched the Oprah episode that you were on and I really wanted to come read some of your blogs!
    Im seventeen and have lived in Australia all my life and hearing what other people think of Australia makes me so proud to call this place my home, i love it and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.
    Your stories from your travels – all it has given you, has made me yearn to travel so much more and i cannot wait to when im older so i can try and travel to many, many places, particulary un-touristy places. I realise there is soooo much out there to experience, so much to learn and so much to grow from that what looms ahead of me in life is very exciting.
    Goodluck for all your future travels!

  3. Hi Anne and family
    Just had a look at some of your fantastic family adventures. We too are travelling as a family around the USA in an RV (from Australia). Our trip won’t take us around the world like you guys have done, I don’t know how you managed to fit it all in.

    Regards Trevor

  4. Hi Anne and family,
    It is so nice of you to give us the aussies such complements. And you’re totally right, we are laid back and relaxed and never stress about anything. If worst comes to worst we say “no worries mate, she’ll be right”. thanks for sharing your lovely adventures with us.

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