Top 6 Things to Eat in Australia

Australian food was familiar and for the most part yummy. You can tell we suffer from chronic sweet tooth, as three of us chose candy for our favorites. But this is probably fair, since the candy aisles in Australian supermarkets are like nothing you’ve ever seen–long, luscious, and addictive. You used to be able to get Aussie licorice (yum!) at Trader Joe’s in the States but we’re not sure if they still have it. It’s well worth the effort to track some down. I think we’ll start ordering ours via the internet once we get home.

1. Asher –Teriyaki chicken shish kabobs on the barbie
2. Kieran — Violet Crumble candy bars
3. McKane — Meatasourus pizza at Dominoes with regular sauce (“Unleash the bloke within”)
4. Dax — Red Rooster chicken sandwich
5. Anne — Soft raspberry licorice
6. Tom — Soft black licorice

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