Change of Latitude

I am writing and posting this short note from a high-speed connection on an airplane somewhere near Yap island in the pacific. After a month and a half of scrambling to find broadband throughout New Zealand and Australia, we have high hopes for a more connected Asia. We hope Boeing’s providing this free in-flight service for the moment is an omen that our Asian experience will be replete with bandwidth.

Keeping our fingers crossed and our kids asleep.

mac asleepkieran asleep

asher sleeping

No our only problem is battery life on the laptops.

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3 thoughts on “Change of Latitude

  1. Tom and all…

    I’ve been enjoying reading the posts and sharing in your experiences. I’m just back from a week in India, the Delhi/Jaipur/Agra region, and am not optimistic that your broadband/wireless experiences will be better in India (unless you stay in $$$hotels)…maybe China? Korea has broadband for certain. Looking forward to following the journey through India…after my first trip there all I can say is wow, in the states we have no idea what traffic can be! It’s a whole different place. If you choose to drive in India, take full coverage insurance!


  2. Curious to hear how you’ve done (or not done) for internet access in the less traveled parts of China. Are there any options at all?

    Looking forward to the next dispatch!

  3. Well it hasn’t been the broadband playground I had hoped for, but it is not bad. China has access all over but not for laptops. This changes the way we post but at least we can post. It also is very highly censored and monitored, and you notice it.

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