Online School: The Top Six Pros and Cons

This year I was given the decision whether or not to do school. Of course I said yes not wanting to just skip a year of school and go back a grade, even though that would put me at the normal age for that level of schooling. So I began my online school courses from BYU. These courses are for the most part o.k. Some are quite good and some are lacking. I have decided to put my top six pros and cons of BYU online onto our website. And yes, this means I am doing school for all of you who thought I wasn’t.

Top Six Pros
1. Freedom. I can do what classes when and where I want.
2. Teachers. I don’t have to put up with some of the inadequacies of some teachers today.
3. The work itself. I can be in charge of what work I’m doing, and there’s not much ‘busy work’ as in school.
4. School Online. My grades are given to me instantly, no more waiting for teachers to grade your tests.
5. Simple easy to use interfaces. The courses are very easy to use. They don’t require knowledge of anything techie.
6. No paper. It’s a miracle, no paper means no heavy books, and no writing by hand. Phew, no more getting hammered for my handwriting.

Top Six Cons
1. Freedom. I can seriously mess myself up. If I don’t do the school, then I don’t progress, and I’m not exactly the most motivated person ever.
2. The courses. They can be good, but some are confusingly written and the tests don’t prepare you for anything you’ll face later in the final.
3. Computers. My entire school livelihood depends on a couple of computers. If they don’t work, no school.
4. Nagging. My parents are ALWAYS nagging me about my school. I know they’re trying to help but enough is enough!
5. Not having internet. If you don’t have internet, you can’t submit tests, which is a problem.
6. No other students. This is the hardest, I am all alone, I don’t have anyone to compare my work to and since I have no one to try and beat I may do worse. There is also no social aspect involved which is very bad.

There you have it, a little insight into my life.

One thought on “Online School: The Top Six Pros and Cons

  1. I admire your efforts…staying focused on schoolwork can’t be easy when Australia, the ocean, crazy fastfood and blue jelly-fish are right outside your door.
    Insightful observations on the pros and cons! It should be more pleasant when the internet is no longer an issue.
    Love to all…we’re enjoying everyone’s contributions to the blog.

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