Who’s Hungry Jack!?

If you ever go to Australia and you like Burger King, remember, Hungry Jack slew The King of Burgers and renamed all of the king’s restaurants ‘Hungry Jacks’. Actually when Burger King got to Australia, the name was already taken. They offered money to the man who had the copyright on the name, but he continuously refused their generous offers. Since the man wouldn’t give it up, they killed him… just kidding. They just decided to go with Hungry Jack’s.


One thing I love about Burger King in the US is their Cherry Slushy. I was really disappointed when we got to Hungry Jack’s and they had no slushies. But luckily Australia’s Micky Dees had Fanta raspberry slushies, and they were actually quite good.

Now on to Ronald’s favorite fatty food that slows him down, McDonalds!!! Here in Aussie land it seems like they took a lot of heat for using the bad parts of the cow and chicken. So they made a ton of commercials about McDonald’s workers who get sick of their friends telling them that their food is made of hooves and beaks and bones. The workers go to the factories where they make the patties and the nuggets and see how they are made. The guys who own the factories promise them they use only real meat without bits and pieces of other junk thrown in.

Mcdonalds whole story

Another cool thing is that they also have Happy Meal toys from movies that came out like 3 to 6 months ago, like Garfield 2 and even older ones. All I have to say is that if they use real beef and the US doesn’t, the US should stick with the fake beef. It seems like all the food here is real sour. Ah, the thought of that sourness, bleh.

If you like Chick Fil-A in the US, then you would probably like Red Rooster where its based on all chicken. They have loads of good stuff, and the best part is that all “the chicken is cooked special so the fat stays in the pan not in your stomach.” But if you go there you must try the garlic bread. Oh it’s heavenliness and deliciousness. Then they have The Aussie Sunday which is a party meal where you get a whole chicken and four sides. It’s pretty darn good.

red roosterrooster fat in pan

And now for a mixed group of fast and not so fast food. If you love the biscuits at KFC you’re going to be disappointed. And Pizza Hut pizza, not very satisfying, Dominos Pizza, unbelievingly satisfactorylicous, meatasourus pizza that reigns super diddly oh supreme yo!!! And The Chinese sweet and sour meats are also yummiestlicious and amazingly crazily good!!! Well that’s it for now! CYA!!!

mac eating pizza

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2 thoughts on “Who’s Hungry Jack!?

  1. MAN!!!! You guys are still in the Down Under!!!!! THATS CRAZY!!!! I thought for sure you would be outta there by now… haha i guess i was wrong. How much longer you guys planning to stay there???

  2. Uncle Bob here…..sure glad to know that IF WE ever could afford an Aussie trip, they would have some fast food to safisfy my unhealthy love of that stuff. For now, Indiana to Maryland seems to cover our easily navigated travels…unless I am on my motorcycle, accompanied by fellow Geezers who have GPS’s.
    Enjoy your wonderful opportunities.
    Uncle Bob

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