Coins or Keychains? Both.

I just started on our last day at New Zealand, and I already have 4 (see the picture below)…. You know how in the last post there was only currency coins, well now I’m collecting souvenir coins, too. Here in Australia they have machines like the penny smashing machines in the US, except you put in 2$ coins ( 1.50 US) and it shoots out (it literally shoots it out, Kieran got hit in the chest with his…. Except the 50 don’t have states on ’em. I like how all the coins have animals on it (notice in the ten there’s a snake, and the 20 has a platypus).

Kiwi Oblivion

After a trip to Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World and Dax’s big bungy jump off the Auckland Harbor Bridge, we decided to finish our tour of New Zealand with a visit to the Auckland Museum. Here we learned once and for all why these mysterious islands were for so long populated only by…

Sixintheworld day shots  026

Jumping Off Bridges

As some of you may know from my last post, I’ve wanted to sky dive this entire trip and of course the parents say no, but they did consent to letting me do the next best thing, bungy jumping. On the last day we had in New Zealand I had the opportunity to jump off…

Sixintheworld day shots  024

Are Those Hobbit Droppings?

When 19th century aristocrats forayed out on the Grand Tour, their travels focused on the architectural and artistic wonders of the ancient world. Like the dandies and dilettantes of old, we can’t wait to roam the ruins of Ephesus and gaze out over the desolation that once was Carthage (Hannibal is one of Dax’s favorite…

Black Water

A few days ago I was given the opportunity to go “black water rafting.” I did not really understand what it was until I looked at the brochure. Basically, it’s taking an innertube down into a cave and then using it to ride down the river inside. I thought it may be a fun experience…


Rotorua, The Orlando of New Zealand, Part III

The reason Rotorua smells so unusual is also the reason it has developed into a tourist mecca. The heat that lurks just beneath the ground creates a ready supply of hot, mineral-rich healing waters and fantastic displays of billowing steam and erupting geysers throughout the city. After spending the morning of our second day in…

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“Sit on that Bar?!”

When dad went to pay for his and Dax’s tubing, I didn’t know that he was buying the 100 meter abseil for me and mom…. But, the other visitor, Mike, didn’t see the sign, and because his camera was a small digital one, he brought it. He took some pictures of us before we got to the abseil platform and he’s going to e-mail us them when he gets back to the US. So this post will probably have pictures in the next few weeks…. After we saw the glow worms, we trekked back through the cave to a ladder.