“It’s a Miracle! There’s Birds in the House!”

Everybody but Dax had just gotten back from our walk on the beach (Dax didn’t want to go). Kieran, Asher, and I decided to make up a game with the rocks we had just collected at the beach. We were all brainstorming when Kieran said, ” Hide ‘n’ Go Rock”. Asher and I didn’t get it. So Kieran explained: ” 2 people hide 5 rocks and 1 finds them.” I replied, “Oh, hotter and colder.” “Yeah,” he said. So we started to play.

We had already played one round during which Asher had very determinedly looked for the rocks for 20 minutes. We were 4 rocks into Kieran’s round, which took only 5 minutes, when Dax yelled, “AH!!! There’s a bird in the bathroom!!!” I thought, “Hey, that sounds cool,” so I ran to the bathroom and the littles followed. There it was smashing its head against the ceiling. I ran downstairs to get Mom and Dad. When I got down, I was startled when I looked in the living room and saw another bird ramming its head against the window. “In the kitchen more, In the kitchen four!” Not really, there were three, but it’s always fun to quote one of my favorite books from when I was younger, Wacky Wednesday. But where were Mom and Dad? Kieran ran outside and yelled, “Mom, Dad, it’s a miracle! There’s birds in the house!” But there was no response. Turns out that they went up to the upper yard, and when mom went out first, she told dad to tell us that they were up there. But he didn’t. He did leave all the doors open so they could hear us. So all the kids were running amuck looking for mom and dad and dodging birds, when they’re just up in the sun reading scriptures, listening to the yelling, and packing up the towels that they were laying on. Finally, they walk in the door and see kids and birds flying and running everywhere. As you can see in the movie, it was chaos! In all there were 3 different kinds of birds, 2 of each type. The butcher birds, which looked cute, were really evil. They were attacking the ugly vulture-like ones and chased them into the house. Even after Dad got the butcher birds outside, they stood on the windowsills so they could keep an eye on their victims who were still inside. The vultures were so scared they deposited goodies through their hindquarters all over our house.

Well, that’s it for this week. This has been another post by McKane Andrus. See ya, mate!

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12 thoughts on ““It’s a Miracle! There’s Birds in the House!”

  1. My favorite part of the video is the fearless father with the “advanced bird evacuation tool”!! Go Tom…Cool broom!!! It is fun to see and hear you all, alive and well!!! The chaos just seems like normal Andrus fun!! Love to all,

  2. Reminds me of the evening many years ago when I was in Nursing School and my room “mate” and I left windows open. We too successfully chased out the invaders. Ours were bats, who thankfully, are smaller than your birds, and have smaller hindquarters!

    We’ll all (especially Grandpa Dave!) miss you today as we join together to bid Mother Grandma Great Grandma Great Great Gramdma Gilliom a fond goodbye at Swiss Village. The flowers you and McNairy’s sent are beautiful! Perfect! Thanks you so much! In Anne’s absence, someone will read her lovely tribute to Grandma at the Memorial Service.

    With our love and prayers for your continued health, safety and wonderful experiences,
    Aunt Sandy

  3. I’m not exactly sure Tom delivered on getting the bird out of the laundry room…or the bird realized Tom was going to hurt it with the broom…and the outside bird may have been less of a risk than flying around Tom and the broom. This was an awesome video! A good chuckle first thing in the morning.

  4. Jade said “mommy there’s birds in the house in zealand. Can I go to zealand?” When I reminded her you were in Australia she said “Can I go to ‘stralia right now?”

    Very fun video. Thanks for sharing.

    I think Jade will always be one country behind. It wasn’t until you left “zealand” that she accepted you weren’t at Papa’s.

    We miss you!

  5. CRIKEY!!! I thought those birds were goin’ for Tom’s head again. But you scared the poop out of them instead. Hilarious!!! Noah said I said poop too much in my comments(hee-hee), but you see, again, the repetition of the poop factor in all of your adventures. (“hindquarter goodies”…love it Mac!) I think I’ll go back and count how many times the bum grub goodies have been mentioned in your posts. It’s going to be record breaking year!!! LYG

  6. Mac… between your writing and your cinematography, you certainly captured the spirit of this event! It’s interesting to see how the “hunter instinct” comes out when a father is faced with protecting his family!
    It was great hearing and seeing you and we’re all greatful for little miracles like “birds in the house”.
    Take care and keep writing,
    Love, Grandma Lorelie

  7. that reminds me of when a bird flew in from our chimney, it was in the basement so there were no windows it could get out of, so we had to get it upstairs, and get it out the door there. it was coverd in soot, and got it all over the stairs.

    love sunshine and family

  8. The joyful sounds on your video did much to lift the clouds that were hanging over my head.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Love to all

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