Tribute to Grandma Lucille

We were saddened by the news this morning that my paternal grandmother, Lucille Gilliom, had passed away just hours earlier in Indiana. She was 98 years old. We knew when we left last month that she was in failing health, but my Aunt Sandy assured me that if Grandma had been in full possession of her faculties, she would have wanted us to carry on with our plans. My grandma was a kind, brave woman who lived more than 35 years as a widow. Over the last ten years she had lost her sight and much of her hearing, but she always relished an opportunity to hold her great-grandchildrens’ hands and touch their faces. I am awed by the fact that she was witness to almost a century of history, that she knew horse-drawn carriages, two world wars and a modern world rich with computers, the internet and air travel. She signed all her letters, “With love and prayers,” and somehow the world felt a little safer knowing a woman of her seasoned, abiding faith was lobbying for us on high. Our prayers are now with our family back in the States who will gather to mourn our loss and celebrate her life. Grandma, we will treasure your memory and carry you in our hearts wherever we go.

2 thoughts on “Tribute to Grandma Lucille

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Anne. Grandma Lucille was an amazingly sweet woman and what a blessing that your kids got to know their great-grandma over the years.

    We love you!

  2. Hello Anne, and all…

    My mom and dad (Aunt Connie & Uncle Bob) told me you had left a nice tribute to Grandma on your blog, so I of course checked it out. Today will be Grandma’s viewing in Geneva, then the actual funeral tomorrow in Berne. Grandma always knew you and your family loved her deeply, as she also loved you. She has always been extremely proud of you and also Melinda. Grandma and I had spent many, many hours together, talking about everything under the sun and beyond. What joy she always had knowing that you and Melinda had found happiness, and were such marvelous mothers. Not to mention the pride she had in the wonderful husbands the two of you had found as well. She cherished you and yours, and I do concur that she would have wanted this trip for your family, and she would want to know that you are embracing life, and seeing all that you can see… see it for her!

    And dear cousins know, not only her love and prayers are with you, but mine as well.


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