Tribute to Grandma Lucille

We were saddened by the news this morning that my paternal grandmother, Lucille Gilliom, had passed away just hours earlier in Indiana. She was 98 years old. We knew when we left last month that she was in failing health, but my Aunt Sandy assured me that if Grandma had been in full possession of…

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We have so many lessons to learn. We expected Australia to be a lay low location in our nutty itinerary, comfortably nestled between the frenetic pace of the New Zealand campervan experience and our nomadic monthlong wanderings through China. The first week was nothing of the sort. Unfortunately it was a primer in the uncertainties…

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Vans, The Top 6 Reasons They Should Leave Our Roads

That’s when I found what would save me from at least some of the torment (the screaming and yelling of young children kind, you know what I mean), a little device called an iPod…. We rested at a ridicoulsly high priced motel and despite sleeping in a bed with a child who I will not name at this time constantly smashing into me and secreting a steady dose of methane from his overworked bowels, I felt no more up to a drive in the morning…. The next few hours were no better as my iPod died and the previously unnamed child reduced the air quality of the car to an all time minimum…. No further comment.As you may (or should I say should) have noticed this is written in a very joking manner, I do not mean to insult any who drive vans, have caught ‘van feaver’ as it is called, or any suburban mothers and most of all not the unnamed child, I am simply putting forth my opinions about one of man’s craziest inventions.