Top 6 Things to Eat in New Zealand

Because food is soooo important to Tom, we’ve decided to choose our favorite delectables in each country we visit. Each person picks one food. As such, you should not expect high cuisine or even real food. Remember, we don’t actually go inside restaurants with the little kids unless we have no other option.

1. Lemon & Paeroa — This distinctly Kiwi soda is Dax’s pick.

2. Lamb & Mint Pie — Tom’s still waxing poetic about pies.

3. Pack ‘n’ Save Chocolate Muffins — McKane enjoyed these bakery goodies, which I think were really cupcakes masquerading as muffins.

4. Starburst Soda Slammers — Kieran’s new favorite candy.

5. KFC Mashies ‘n’ Gravy — Somehow KFC discovered a way to get a crispy coating around a ball of mashed potatoes. Yum. The boys and I dug them, but they were a temporary item and KFC discontinued them as soon as we discovered them

6. Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Potato Chips — Asher eats them at home too. Maybe they were better in NZ.

Bonus — The Kiwis apparently enjoy potato chips (as well as French fries, which they also call chips) and have gotten quite creative in devising different flavors. Check out this collection, which includes Honey Soy Chicken, Greek Tzaziki, Thai Satay, and Roast Lamb & Mint.


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2 thoughts on “Top 6 Things to Eat in New Zealand

  1. Very fun! I LOVE your TOP SIX lists.
    I also enjoyed learning more about Kiwis. We’ll all be better informed by the time you get home.
    We’re glad your writing and sharing your amazing experience.
    Love you all…stay safe!
    Grandma Lorelie

  2. Colossal bummer about your “mashies and gravy” – but we all know that if Anne likes something, it doesn’t stay around long, a la black cherry vanilla coke! I’m sure you wouldn’t hoard the KFC delicacies like you did the cokes. Then again, maybe it was mashies and gravy instead of rotting starfish that made the camper stink . . .

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