Top 6 Things for Families to Do in New Zealand

Everybody got to pick their favorite activity from our two and a half weeks in New Zealand. Here goes:

1. Tom — Wandering/driving through the varied and spectacular landscapes.

2. Anne — Abseiling at Waitomo with McKane. I’m not a fan of heights, so dangling from a harness 330 feet in the air and descending a gorge Spiderman style made me feel like a stud.

3. Dax — Bungy jumping off the Auckland Harbor Bridge. I’m afraid we might have an adrenaline junky on our hands.

4. McKane — Zorbing in Rotorua. Yeah, baby!

5. Kieran — Seeing kiwis.

6. Asher — Going down the waterslide something like 50 times at Lake Taupo Thermal Waterpark.

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