Jumping Off Bridges

As some of you may know from my last post, I’ve wanted to sky dive this entire trip and of course the parents say no, but they did consent to letting me do the next best thing, bungy jumping. On the last day we had in New Zealand I had the opportunity to jump off Auckland Harbor bridge via AJ Hackett Bungy. I accepted and so I was off to Auckland Harbor Bridge. When I arrived at the bungy station I was excited but still a little nervous. I was going to be jumping off a forty-seven meter bridge with nothing more than an elastic nylon rope suspending me. When the entire group arrived, we headed up to the bridge. After walking ten minutes on the lower level catwalk, we arrived at the specially built ‘bungy pod,’ which is basically a small room hanging under the bridge. When we got here all my nervousness left and was replaced by sheer excitement. When the guide said we would be jumping in order of heaviest to lightest I was dismayed; the other three jumpers were adults (a New Zealander and two Japanese women) and I knew I would be last. After some interesting jumps and the guides having to ‘push’ one of the jumpers off the platform, it was my turn. I was strapped up in all the necessary gear–harness, leg straps and of course the bungee cord. Oh yeah and my shoes had to be taped on to my feet so they wouldn’t fall off. Skate shoes rule.

Img 6006Img 6084
The Auckland Harbor Bridge Smiling for the Camera

I was then walked up to the platform I would be jumping from. I looked down and saw the water below me. The guide told me to look at the nearby camera and smile so I flashed a thumbs up. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!” shouted the operator. Discarding every thought in my brain regarding, well, everything, I jumped, not simply hopping like everyone else, but diving. As I began the dive an indescribable feeling came over me. At the end of the plummet I was only a few inches away from striking the cold ocean water, then began the bounce. After bouncing up and down three times, I pulled a cord which released my feet from the restraint and I began climbing up. I was still in shock from the general insaneness of jumping off a bridge but that didn’t stop me from smiling for the camera, which was held by my dad who unluckily was only a spectator and didn’t get to jump. When the guide asked if I wished to go again, I replied, “Yeah, of course!”. The guide gave me five options, I could jump off backwards, I could get a running start, I could jump and touch the water, I could go off spinning or the best option, go off doing flips. Unluckily for me, mi padre said, “Nope” so I will have to live off that one jump for a while. When I returned to the base one of the guides began taking off my harness and said, “So how many of those have you done before?” I replied, “That was my first, man.” He looked a little surprised and said, “Wow you’re pretty gung-ho about it, sweet.” The woman at the front desk also complimented me and I was made an honorary ‘flying squirrel’ for my jump. All I have to say is thank you AJ Hackett for creating the best thing to do in Auckland and giving me the biggest rush of New Zealand.

Img 6087 Img 6103
The ‘Flying Squirrel’ Wonderful View

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5 thoughts on “Jumping Off Bridges

  1. You are shockingly brave! You won’t see me or Scott doing that :)

    I’m glad you did it and I’m more glad that you are okay.

    I sure miss you all and love my daily visit to sixintheworld.

  2. That looks incredible DK, and I am very proud of how easy you made it look! Wanted to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We sang to you at Grandma and Grandpa’s on Sunday at dinner. Hope you enjoy being 14. :)

    We love you. Jon, Kat, Luke and Harry

  3. Dax-
    You are an animal…tremendous form off the bridge…I am impressed. You will never catch me doing it…but I am glad to know you embraced it!! Way to go, flying squirrel!!
    Love to all,

  4. DAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dad says you rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He also says you need to get a life to become a star-or-become a star and get a life.
    later dax


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