Coins or Keychains? Both.

As you all know from my previous post, “What Kind of Coins Do You Have?” I am collecting coins. But now I have decided to collect key chains too. I just started on our last day in New Zealand, and I already have 4. I am trying to get one at most museums we got to, but Mom doesn’t really agree. (Comment from mom: “We got to a LOT of museums.”)

Enough about keychains, on to coins now. In the last post I only talked about currency coins. Well, now I’m collecting souvenir coins too. Here in Australia they have machines like the penny smashing machines in the US, except you put in $2 coins ($1.50 US) and the machine shoots out a little brass-looking coin that shows a picture of the thing or place that you chose. (It literally shoots it out. Kieran got hit in the chest with his. Luckily he didn’t get hurt.)

Now to Australia currency coins. Like all NZ coins, Queen Elizabeth II is on all coins of Australia. To me it seems like they do what we do with our quarters to their 50’s except the 50’s don’t have states on them. I like how all the coins have animals on them (notice on the ten there’s a snake, and the 20 has a platypus). Well, that’s it for McKane Andrus’s Weekly Post!

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  3. What is the name of the company who makes the machine to smash pennies. What is the name of the machine.

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