Wifi Withdrawal

How much do we rely on uninterrupted broadband access? Um….a lot more than we expected. You’re getting a bunch of posts spaced only a few hours apart because we’re having to upload them all at once and pay a pretty penny to do it. It seems none of New Zealand’s RV parks are equipped with Wifi and most of its internet cafes aren’t too comfortable with us unplugging ethernet cables and plugging them into our laptops. We were also planning on using Skype to call home, but it’s hard to shout into a laptop speaker in an open internet cafe. (I knew I should have invested in a bluetooth headset.)

Our best internet experience thus far was at our first RV park, the super friendly and ultra clean, Orewa Beach Holiday Park. The kindly owner just dangled her ethernet cable out the window so we could plug in FOR FREE! We’ve traveled all over the world and this is the toughest time we’ve ever had using our laptops. Who’d ‘uv thunk it? And we’re still in the first world.


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