Wifi Withdrawal

How much do we rely on uninterrupted broadband access? Um….a lot more than we expected. You’re getting a bunch of posts spaced only a few hours apart because we’re having to upload them all at once and pay a pretty penny to do it. It seems none of New Zealand’s RV parks are equipped with…

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The Many Faces of the Maori

Twenty-first century New Zealand is a lively blend of cultures, combining a European sensibility with the indomitable spirit of the indigenous Maori people. Over the course of the past week we have had a crash course in Maoritanga by visiting some of the most vibrant and significant Maori locations on the North Island. We started…

Scrum at One In the Smelly Room

My views of rugby may conflict a little with New Zealanders since the All Blacks aren’t my favorite team (I prefer the Wales Brains and the South Africa Springboks) but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good game of New Zealand provincial rugby…. The next game would be the All Blacks (who dominate almost every game and were on a 16 game winning streak) versus the South African Springboks (a team who has been in a slump for quite some time and is usually blow out by the All Blacks)…. The Boks drove down the field driving farther and farther until the Blacks finally got in and stopped them, for what seemed like an eternity neither side moved, then a Blacks player in a fit of anger shoved a Bok to the side and stepped offsides, (to which the man next to us shouted “YOU IDIOT!”… The hopes of the Boks rested on their kicker, Praetoreous who despite being good during the offensive runs had been having a so-so kicking day, if he could score here then the Boks would have a one point lead over the Blacks and would win.